Daniela Botero – Fashion model, Social media star, and actress!!! Know EVERYTHING about her PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL life!!

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Daniela Botero

Daniela Botero

Hey everyone, hope you are doing good! Today, we will be talking about an amazing person who does not need any introduction, she is a fashion model, actress, and social media star, she is none other than, “Daniela Botero”. Yes, if you want to know more about her, stay tuned and read the article until the end.

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Daniela Botero – Who is she?

Daniela Botero was born on 12th September 1989, in Cali, Valle Del Cauca l, Colombia, and is a 30-year-old model, actress, and Internet star. A few of her best-acting roles are “A Fearless Heart”, “Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores”, and “Run Coyote Run”. She is also popular for being photographed at the Gyunel Fashion Show in Paris unaccompanied by Marisa Berenson and for being featured on the “Esquire Los Angeles” cover in December 2016 “Maxim Mexico” in June 2017.

Unfortunately, apart from growing up in Colombia and starting modeling at a young age, there is very little that can be learned about a model and actor who was born in Cali. Her mother is named Clemencia, and she has been a great influence and example to Daniela since her childhood. There is also no information about Daniela’s education.

If we talk about her physical appearance and stats, Daniela became a successful model and was highly sought after for her amazing looks. He is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, and his key figures are 32-24-34. Colombian beauty has long, dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. His shoe size is 9.

Her career in modeling –

It was Daniela’s natural beauty and attractive body, coupled with her natural talent for standing in front of the camera, which enabled her to make a name for herself quickly in the modeling world. She started modeling while in Columbia, but has since become a world-renowned model, and has been photographed in both studio and outdoor settings. She was the cover girl for a few well-known fashion and beauty magazines, such as the December 2016 issue of “Esquire Los Angeles”, and the June 2017 issue of “Maxim Mexico”.

In December 2017, she was photographed by Richard Bernardin and appeared on the cover of the popular “Playboy” magazine. She is known for several other nude photoshoots. At the “Gyunel Fashion Show” in Paris, she was photographed next to another well-known model, Maria Berenson. She had been on the cover of “GQ Taiwan” and gained more fame while supporting the Colombian national team during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. She is currently represented by the Women Milan modeling agency.

Daniela’s career in acting –

During her career, Daniela has had six acting roles in total. The first was on a popular Spanish-language television program called “Corazon Valiente”, or “Fearless Heart” in English, playing the role of Guardia. After that, she starred in a short film titled “Muneca”. In 2014, she also appeared as another guest on the popular television series, “Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores”.

Two years later, Botero was featured in a music video for J. Balvin’s song “Bobo” – the song became popular, reaching more than 530 million views on YouTube, increasing Daniela’s fame and prestige. In 2018 she landed her first role as Catalina in a television series titled “Run Coyote Run”, a comedy act of two friends doing business in human trafficking. Recently, Botero played the role of Vanessa Palacios in the ongoing comedy “Betty en NY”.

Social media star – Daniela Botero –

In addition to being a successful model and aspiring actress, Daniela is also involved in strong social media platforms, which makes her a celebrity on the Internet. She posted her first photo on Instagram in 2015, since her Instagram page has gained over 430,000 followers, and continues to grow; her account often uploads images from various photoshoots. In addition, she owns a Twitter account with over 4000 followers.

Daniela Botero – Net worth –

Daniela Botero began her career as a model, from Colombia to the international stage. In time, she entered the world of acting and became a celebrity along the way. Thanks to her great success in the modeling business and her role-playing roles, she was able to earn more than $ 600,000, according to authorized sources.

Daniela Botero – Private life –

Speaking of her private life, many fans of the Colombian-born model have been questioning her relationship status. Botero has a daughter named Ilana, who can sometimes be seen on his Instagram post. Unfortunately, Botero was determined to keep the details about her boyfriend or husband confidential. Therefore, we do not know for sure whether he is married or not. There are no details on the identity of the father of her daughter. Daniela currently lives in Miami, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Q1. Where is Daniela Botero from?
Daniela Botero was born on 12th September 1989, in Cali, Valle Del Cauca l, Colombia her most notable roles include “Fearless Heart” (2012), “Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores” (2014), and “Run Coyote Run” (2017).

Q2. How old is Daniela Botero?
Daniela was born on 12th September 1989 to her parents in the beautiful city of Columbia. As a result, she is 31 years old and falls in the sign of the Virgo sun.

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