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Why Lovecraft Country Cancel, Dominated the Emmy Nominations, Revealed

Lovecraft Country was instantly critically acclaimed when it premiered on HBO in August 2020, and now has the Emmy nominations to match. The horror drama series scored 18 Emmy nominations including outstanding lead actor for Jonathan Majors as well as Jurnee Smollett who received an award nomination of her own. It’s great to see a show that deserves recognition receive such high accolades, however, mixed emotions are inspired by their recent cancellation- following what many believe is one of its best seasons yet!

In a shocking turn of events, HBO pulled the plug on Lovecraft Country following its first and only season. The series which combined horror with drama had an original storyline unlike anything seen before on tv but was unfortunately not given enough time to flourish as it could have due to low ratings. However what made this show stand out from other recent productions is that it widened people’s perspective beyond just race by adding a class into the mix- exploring issues like wealth inequality, black poverty in America, and racism through white eyes for once instead of always being told about them secondhand or from a victim’s point of view

The show was recently nominated for an Emmy and it seems like they might not have been planning to end the series after all. The fans were shocked, but now we’re looking forward to what is next!

Fans were shocked when the show was canceled, but recent Emmy nominations have cast doubt on whether or not it’s truly a limited series.

The show was canceled because there were not enough viewers. The creator, Misha Green had plans to continue the season based on Matt Ruff’s book and other stories like it that are typically left out of genre storytelling space.Why Lovecraft Country Cancel, Dominated the Emmy Nominations, Revealed

The series premiered in October 2020 as per Deadline with a finale episode.

If HBO was wary of doing a second season because it was based on a book — HBO’s adaptation of Big Little Lies received far less favorable ratings in its second season and Lovecraft Country is no exception, with the dedicated fan base coming up short against the high-profile first series. But that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye just yet: The talented cast will reunite at this year’s Emmys for one last hurrah before what looks like their final curtain call. Yes, Green recently signed an exclusive deal with Apple TV+, but don’t worry! He still has plenty more projects lined up for us (including two adaptations from his new novel Trench Coat).

  • Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett received Emmy nominations
  • The show was only given a single season but was critically acclaimed for its creativity, characters, dialogue, production design, cinematography, and direction
  • It discusses race in America from the perspective of white people which is something that hasn’t been done before
  • Wide variety of good reviews with fans looking forward to what’s next for the show
  • The cast was just announced to attend the Emmys which is a sign that there are talks for another season or at least more seasons will be aired eventually. It would only make sense for them to mention those plans in their acceptance speeches and not disappoint their loyal viewers


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