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Broadcom is About to Buy SAS? In Talks To Buy Big Data Analytics Giant SAS Institute [UPDATED]

Broadcom has been in talks to acquire privately-held business analytics and data management software giant SAS Institute. The company’s total worth is potentially valued at $15 billion-$20 billion, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Broadcom is on the prowl for more acquisitions. They are currently in talks to buy SAS, a big deal that has been rumored but not yet confirmed by either party.

A report recently surfaced stating Broadcom’s current negotiations with their potential new target–SAS; it seems like an acquisition may be happening within the next few weeks and could happen sooner than expected!

Broadcom had a busy year buying up other tech companies. They acquired CA Technologies for $18.9 billion, Symantec Enterprise for $10.7 billion, and Brocade Communications Systems in 2017 with the purchase amount coming to be at about 5 million dollars!

Broadcom has been on a shopping spree. In just the past few months, Broadcom purchased infrastructure software vendor CA Technologies for $18.9 billion and cybersecurity company Symantec Enterprise for an undisclosed amount that may be as high as $10.7 billion; it also bought network systems manufacturer Brocade Communications Systems in 2017 with its purchase of Cavium Incorporated which cost them a hefty sum at around $5.5 billion!

SAS, one of the IT industries’ biggest developers of business analytics and data management software is based in Cary, N.C., near Research Triangle Park/Raleigh Durham area.

Humble BeginningsBroadcom is About to Buy SAS? In Talks To Buy Big Data Analytics Giant SAS Institute [UPDATED]

This data analysis software project at North Carolina State University turned into SAS, the largest privately held analytics company in the world. The current CEO James Goodnight was one of these professors and students when it began as a small program.

The company was founded in 1976 and has expanded into a broad product line of data analytics and data management offerings from its flagship SAS Viya visual analytics software, to data integration tools for industry-specific applications such as fraud detection or risk assessment.

The company’s founders have retained ownership of privately-held SAS – Goodnight has a two-thirds stake in the company while co-founder and executive vice president John Sall owns one-third, according to our research.

The founders of SAS have retained ownership of the company, with Goodnight owning 2/3rds and John Sall 1/6th.

SAS, the company that provides analytical and statistical software to businesses around the world, has a lot of interesting numbers that are not commonly known. Recently in SAS’s annual report, they disclosed their revenue for 2020 was $3 billion with 12,545 employees currently at 5200 headquarters workers from all over including Cary.

When asked if Broadcom would be purchasing this data analytics company after its recent acquisition by Singaporean-government owned Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd., we were told no comment on possible plans but there will still be many uses for these services going into 2021 and beyond!

  • Gather insights through data analysis
  • Deepen your understanding of your customers
  • Build the perfect customer experience for every individual

It’s clear that there is an endless list of uses for the analytics services provided by SAS and it will definitely be interesting to watch where they go from here. We find it very impressive that through this company’s creation, NC State has been ranked as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world

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