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Sinopec Launches China’s First Megaton Scale Carbon Capture Project

¬†China’s First Megaton Scale Carbon Capture Project Launched By Sinopec

Making a counterfeit carbon cycle model in the push for top non-renewable energy sources results

BEIJING – China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (HKG: 0386, “Sinopec”) has begun China’s first megaton carbon catch, use, and limit (CCUS) project, the Sinopec Qilu-Shengli Oilfield CCUS. It is set to transform into China’s greatest whole current chain CCUS show base and application case for propelling the immense extension improvement of CCUS in China.

The Project, expected to be put into creation before the completion of 2021, marks a crucial accomplishment in the advancement progress of China’s CCUS projects and is a huge display of the business’ development. It is in like manner of uncommon significance to further develop China’s non-renewable energy source results decline limits and amass a “counterfeit carbon cycle” model as the country advances to show up at top petroleum product side-effects by 2030 and carbon nonpartisanship by 2060.

CCUS is a critical particular means to adjust to overall natural change and control ozone-exhausting substance releases, getting and cleansing carbon dioxide sent during creation and utilizing it in another creation cooperation for reusing and limit.

The megaton-scale Project dispatched by Sinopec involves two areas Sinopec Qilu’s carbon dioxide catch and Shengli Oilfield’s carbon dioxide dislodging and limit. Sinopec Qilu gets the carbon dioxide and transports it to the Shengli Oilfield for extra movement and limit, achieving a planned usage of carbon catch, expulsion, and ability to seal the carbon dioxide underground.

What may be contrasted with planting very nearly 9 million trees and shutting down 600,000 economy vehicles? China’s huge oil from the outset set up (OIIP) is suitable for carbon dioxide removing and moving progression of the CCUS business will develop solid assistance for ensuring China’s energy security and propelling low-carbon change of the fossil energy industry.

As a key mechanical way for achieving carbon absence of inclination, CCUS has gigantic potential for radiations decline and wide opportunities for current use. Studies have shown that CCUS will kill China’s 1 billion tons of petroleum product side-effects, later on, effectively propelling the purging of fossil energy, the scaled improvement of clean energy, and low-carbon creation.

Mr. Zhang Yuzhuo, Chairman of Sinopec, saw that CCUS is a critical measure to effectively propel non-renewable energy source results decline.


Mr. Zhang said that according to IEA, CCUS will contribute around 14% of carbon dioxide radiation decline by 2050, and the market application prospects are amazingly promising. Making CCUS is an example similar to a mission. Sinopec will investigate and set up a carbon catch, use, and limit R&D center to drive a movement of focus advances and bottleneck gives all through the associations of carbon getting, transportation, use, and limit, similarly as a carbon dioxide use development advancement plan of ‘mechanical improvement project show industrialization,’ widening the flawless carbon sequestration industry chain and making an innovative focal point for non-renewable energy source side-effects decline progresses.

Sinopec plans to gather another megaton CCUS show base in the accompanying five years, recognizing industrialized CCUS improvement and expanding further conceivable outcomes as China advances to achieve top carbon and carbon unprejudiced nature.

About Sinopec

Sinopec Corp. is one of the greatest composed energy and compound associations in China. Its indispensable exercises fuse the examination and creation, pipeline transportation and offer of oil and combustible gas; the arrangement, accumulating, and transportation of oil-based merchandise, petrochemical things, coal substance things, designed fiber, fertilizer, and other engineered things; the import and passage, including an import and toll office business, of petroleum, combustible gas, oil-based wares, petrochemical, and compound things, and various items and developments; and investigation, improvement, and utilization of headways and information.

Sinopec sets ‘filling brilliant life’ as its corporate mission, puts ‘people, commitment, decency, exactness, headway and shared advantage’ as its corporate basic convictions, pursues methods of huge worth bearing, progression driven new development, facilitated resource assignment, open cooperation, and green and low-carbon advancement, and attempts to achieve its corporate vision of building a world driving energy and a manufacturing association.

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