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Numax sfn64: Nailer Gauge | REVIEW | Benefit | Features | Why it is Best?

Numax sfn64 is well known for its convenience and efficiency. It is very handy and trusted by many. This finish nailer is very suitable for DIY. Few experiences with pneumatic staples and nailer guns will make Numax sfn64 the best for you. It is lightweight and handy to carry around. This 16 gauge nailer is a wonderful tool for DIY and for doing hobbies. You can also do fitting jobs around the home with this Numax sfn64.

Numax sfn64 is made by a Georgia-based Finish nail manufacturer brand Numax. They produce lightweight, reliable, and pocket-friendly finishing tools. Their products are very well suited for almost every work around the household.

Numax sfn64

Features of Numax sfn64:

The dimension of this tool is 3.2X11.5X12.5. It has a light weighted body made with Dye cast Aluminium. The operation pressure is 70-110 psi. It operates with a straight, top-loaded nail magazine. The exhaust is adjustable. It can be adjusted by 360 degrees. Tool-less depth adjustment can be done. It also comes with an air filter or anti-dust cap. The grip provided by this is very comfortable to work with. It is characterized by oil and wrenches.Numax sfn64: Nailer Gauge | REVIEW | Benefit | Features | Why it is Best?

Woodworkers carry an extra hammer to correct stubborn nails. But when you have the Numax sfn 64 you don’t need to carry an extra tool. This powerful nailer delivers nails correctly to the surface without much effort.

A very useful mode called sequential fire mode is given in this tool. This mode allows you to save time and hit multiple shots quickly. This model comes in very handy when you are in a hurry. The 100 magazine capacity is also helpful to save time.

Comfort :

The Numax sfn64 is lightweight and sturdy. These characters make this tool easier for anyone to use. It can be used for any household trimming and craft works. It weighs about 4.5 pounds. This is lightweight compared to many other nailers. It is air-driven. It can be used with a single hand in trim tasks. It uses straight finish gauge nails for perfection in any work.

Anyone who has previous experience with nailer tools will know how annoying, dismantling the tool to set nails can be. But this process is not much annoying with this Numax sfn64. This tool allows easy drive depth adjustment. You don’t need to pull out the hammer for this nail-setting process.

All-rounder Numax sfn64:

Many nailers available in the market come with single-purpose capacity. But this Numax sfn 64 is multipurpose equipment suitable for all types of decorative and trimming works. The company recommends some specific works for this tool which include decorative works and furniture trimming in homes, picture frames assembling, widow base moldings, and door frame molding. It can also be used for any work you are comfortable doing with this tool. Its application also widens to shoemaking, handles making, and even crown molding.Numax sfn64: Nailer Gauge | REVIEW | Benefit | Features | Why it is Best?

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Depth adjustment :

This tool shows the best Depth adjustment than any other nailer available in the market. The tool-less depth adjustment feature provides easy depth adjustment. The nail heads never sink under surface. Adjusting the depth of the device will give instant accuracy.

Numax sfn64

Pocket friendly :

It is a good deal to get such a fine product like Numax sfn64 with amazing features like 2 1/2 nail gun and the other features listed above. The price is pocket-friendly and it is a great surprise. This product costs around $40 to $70. It provides a comfortable grip which makes it easier to work with for a long period of time without getting muscle cramps and numbness. Though the product is pocket-friendly it is not of low quality. Numax offers you a fine quality nailer suitable for many types of works. It is also perfect for heavy-duty works like crown molding.

Jam release :Numax sfn64: Nailer Gauge | REVIEW | Benefit | Features | Why it is Best?

Dismantling is the major issue that occurs with many nailers. This nailer should be dismantled carefully while loading and unloading nails. People waste most time getting used to the nailer device but, this is not the case with Numax sfn64. It has a quick jam release feature. This feature allows you to handle jams that occur on this device easily.

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Construction :

A low-priced nailer is usually made with plastic or low-grade material. This device is made with good-quality aluminum material. This device is built in a way to absorb the vibration caused during work. As this is made with aluminum it is suitable for both heavier and lighter works.

The product is designed well. It has an ergonomic look with a thin gauge and small head which everyone will love. It weighs only 4.5 pounds and easy to store and carry.

Moreover, Numax also gives you one year guarantee for the gun body. All the wearable nailer parts come with one month warranty.

Numax sfn64

Safety :

This Numax sfn64 is cheap yet safe. It is very safe to operate. The amazing grip will help you to keep the tool securely around your hand. You will feel only minimal vibration. The No-Mar pad provided will prevent the formation of dents and dings on sensitive work surfaces. Accidental firing is also blocked by this pad. The dustproof cap is given to protect the internal parts from getting damaged by dust and dirt. It is used to keep this device safe and clean.

Pros :

It is lightweight and easy to carry.
Comfortable grip pads give a stress-free grip.
The dust cap prevents dust from entering the device.
The adjustable exhaust allows easy exhaust. It reduces discomfort during using this tool.
It has a compact design. So it can be stored even at small space provisions.


It is pressure-sensitive.
Intermittent jamming.Numax sfn64: Nailer Gauge | REVIEW | Benefit | Features | Why it is Best?

On the whole, this nailer is amazing and loaded with amazing features. It is safe and comfortable to handle. For this price, this awesome tool is a good bargain.

Do you have this tool? Which feature of this Numax sfn64 is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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