Chinese rocket Crash in Indian Ocean! Peoples are in Danger Near the OCEAN?

The Indian Ocean has been a major source of conflict between the United States and China.
In late November, an unmanned rocket launched by China crashed into the ocean west of Indonesia. The rocket was on its way to put astronauts into orbit around the earth for the first time in history when it malfunctioned.
This is not the first incident with Chinese space technology; just this year, two other rockets failed to reach orbit after launch and one had a problem during re-entry.

China’s recent rocket launch failed and caused an environmental disaster. The Chinese rocket crashed in the Indian Ocean, causing a huge amount of pollution to accumulate around the crash site. This is not only affecting India but other countries as well.

How it Happened

For the first time in history, a Chinese rocket has crashed into India’s Ocean. The Indian Navy is currently investigating what happened and why there was no warning issued before the crash. Rockets from China have been falling sporadically on India for well over two decades now but this one is different because it fell in an ocean that borders both countries.

The Indian Navy has notified the Chinese government of their findings and they have not yet responded. The two countries are currently in talks to figure out what is next but there seems to be little progress since China’s space agency declined any comment on the crash. It remains unclear if anyone will pay for damages done by this rocket that landed in a protected marine sanctuary. India or China?

China’s long march 5brocket was lost its control and about to fall on Indian territory. It then lost altitude and fell in the Bay of Bengal, off India’s eastern coast

China’s long March 5b Rocket

The Chinese long march rocket was carrying a navigation satellite which has been reported as a complete loss for China after it fell into an ocean that borders both countries. The Indian Navy alerted their neighbors to this incident but there seems to be little progress since China’s space agency declined any comment on the crash. It is unclear who will pay damages from this event because of India or China? There were no warnings before the accident happened so now people are questioning if they should expect more rockets from china to start falling sporadically onto them without warning again for over two decades until yet another one falls in an ocean bordering those two countries too.

India is not affected by this for now since the rocket fell in its own ocean, but they are now questioning if it is worth taking on China’s satellite projects. India has not been sharing any information about its space program with other countries and this is seen as a threat to national security for their closed-door policy.

India will always have control over satellites that fall into their territory unlike when one falls onto theirs from china. This event was not only dangerous but also caused an environmental disaster that could cost millions of dollars since there were fuel supplies inside the nose cone of the rocket that exploded after being hit by debris during re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.

India should be wary because many rockets coming down need to be handled carefully so no more disasters happen like what happened today…

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