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Tom Cruise Affair! Ended his Marriage from Katie Holmes, Divorce Secret is out!

Divorce: Can Katie Holmes Save Her Marriage?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a great life together, as many Hollywood stars and actresses do. It’s no wonder they decided to tie the knot in 2021, but now that it’s official, can either of them save their failing marriage? There are strong hints that both will need to make some major changes to their lifestyles if they want to keep their relationship alive and meaningful, and we’ll discuss those in this post.

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In the days leading up to the divorce, Katie Holmes seemed like a normal, caring, affectionate woman. In all reality, though, she was miserable and seemed to be fading from her husband’s love because of his infidelity. You could argue that the marriage itself was fading from love, too – after years of being a loyal housewife and mother, Holmes apparently felt the need to be a “coverer” in her marriage to bring back the passion and attention it once brought. There’s also the matter of Cruise’s attitude toward his wife. He seems to treat her less like a partner and more like a girlfriend. This is a real problem for a man who’s always been independent and self-sufficient, and whose entire life is built on making his wife happy.

These are two huge issues in a new relationship, and there is no easy way to fix them. However, there are some things both parties can do to repair the damage and rebuild their marriage. Both Holmes and Cruise must become much more mature in their approach to their newly single lives, or they will continue to drive their partner crazy with their demand for intimacy and constant reassurance that everything is going well. While it’s possible to save a failed marriage after a divorce like this, it will take real effort on both sides and a lot of common sense. For a successful outcome, both parties need to be willing to make a significant change in their behaviors in order to build a new life.