Watch Video: Justin Bieber Really ANGRY at Hailey Bieber! Door SLAMMING Issue, Halle Berry being his WIFE!

Justin Bieber Upset When Someone Tells Him to Get Out of His Way

Justin Bieber is so famous these days that he has his own line of clothes, which is called the Justin Bieber Dresses. Justin Bieber’s wife is known as Halle Berry, so Justin Bieber gets angry when people refer to Halle Berry as Justin Bieber’s wife. He takes offense and becomes very angry. The fact that he gets so mad actually works in his favor as he gets to unleash all his anger on anyone who dares to call his wife by this name. The Justin Bieber angry door slamming incidents are some of the most talked-about celebrity beef.


The first incident happened when Justin Bieber was walking down the street and a group of girls came up to him and said “Justin Bieber, get out of our house”. Justin Bieber goes to walk away but the girls push him and drag him back into their house. He lets them drag him in because he wanted to show them a good time. Justin Bieber then proceeds to slam his door repeatedly and yells at the girls to get out of his way. As you can see from the above video clip, Justin Bieber really tried to teach those girls a lesson in a funny way.

Why is he really Angry?

The best part about the entire situation is the girl who got slammed on the door actually turned around and asked Justin Bieber if he was alright. Justin Bieber told her “Yeah, sure I am” and walked off. In the end, Justin Bieber was just trying to show a girl a good time and making a point about how women shouldn’t be allowed to put their hands on men’s butts. Hopefully, this story will get people thinking about how this sort of thing might happen with Justin Bieber.

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