Kangana Ranaut Banned From Twitter? She is Launching New Twitter?

Kangana Ranaut Banned From Twitter?

Kangana Ranaut was a news watcher and blogger famous for her controversial tweets on subjects such as religion, politics, crime, and sex. She has been banished from Twitter for a month because she tweeted about BAN, an Indian organization that is associated with hate. Banned from Twitter for tweeting about BAN, Kangana Ranaut is now saying she plans to launch a new site where people can express themselves and write blog posts for others. A quick search shows that Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter is currently blocked in many countries around the world including India, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Chile.

Kangana Ranaut BANNED from Twitter

In a statement released by the ban on Tuesday, Kangana Ranaut denied she was behind the news that BAN banned Twitter. She maintained that BAN does not wish to ban individuals from social networking sites for reasons of public perception. Kangana Ranaut claimed that she deleted her tweets about the ban after a certain “complain from a developer”. However, a search of BAN shows that Kangana Ranaut made several tweets on her personal Twitter page about the ban. She also makes some tweets about her blog site and claims that she is launching a new site where people can write blogs.

So at this point, we can see that Kangana Ranaut has deleted her tweets about the ban and is now trying to use Twitter to launch a new blog site. We will have to wait and see if the ban decides to ban Twitter again or if Kangana Ranaut gets her account back. In the meantime, we can enjoy Kangana Ranaut’s controversial tweets and consider this controversy a lesson in how social media can be used to promote a cause.

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