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DC Mayor Bans Dancing at Weddings: WHY? When Everything will Normal Again!

DC Bans Dancing at Wedding Receptions

Today the DC Mayor says he’s considering a ban on dancing at weddings in DC. If he gets his way DC will be the only US city to have such a ban. This is the same guy who said we shouldn’t “judge” gay marriage, well judging from his comments he might soon find out that’s exactly what he’s doing! It seems Mayor Gray is on the side of the gay community rather than the gay community trying to advance their agenda through the media.DC Bans Dancing at Wedding Receptions

Will the ban on dancing at wedding receptions in DC go into effect? I believe it will, but how long will it last, how long do you think gay folks in DC are going to be willing to wait? Well, I suspect not much longer than a month or so, I heard that they were planning to march outside the DC courthouse after the vote took place and I was asked if I thought that might happen; I said probably, you never know. I also said if they get their way dancing will be banned everywhere, as they want.

Why ban Dancing at Wedding Reception?

If you live in DC and plan on having a reception there, I would suggest contacting your local chamber of commerce and scheduling a meeting with them. Let them know you’re planning on having a reception, and tell them why. Perhaps if you have a few dancers they can put together a little family reunion type of party for you and some of your friends, which would be really fun and you would never have had a chance to plan that, thanks to the gay ban. Perhaps you might consider all this in 2021.