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Stargate Universe season 3: CANCELED OR NOT?? Release Date OUT!! | Plot | Characters | Trailer

Stargate Universe season 3

Stargate Universe season 3: In this article, you are going to read all the latest updates regarding an American-Canadian sci-fi show named Stargate Universe season 3 as you have guessed by reading the name of the article, right? So, this TV show, Stargate Universe, is very popular and there are some rumors on the release of its next season which is Stargate Universe season 3. But there is no clarity in it yet.

One point is there which indicates the release of Stargate Universe season 3 and that is the ending of the show, I mean, the show has ended on a major spine-chiller, the show was a highly-strung take on the authorization.

This franchise was started with the 1994 movie of Kurt Russell and James Spader. The story begins with the discovery of a bygone gateway that opens a wormhole and heads to a whole different planet. Nobody expected that this movie will be a hit so it was kind of a surprise for everyone, especially the director, Ronald Emmerich. He, later on, gave various blockbusters like 1998’s Godzilla and Independence Day. Though there was a plan for the return of both the stars, Russell and Spader for a trilogy, unfortunately, it was not passed.

Rather than making a film, this was shifted to the television with the Stargate SG-1, which premiered in the year 1997. The TV show was formed out of the story of the movie where the role of Kurt Russell was given to Richard Dean Anderson MacGyver). This particular series has introduced various new characters and also the alien races while expanding the mythology to a very great extent.

Stargate Universe season 3

This amazing series completed its ten seasons and led to various spinoffs involving Stargate Origins as well as Stargate Atlantis. While Stargate Universe is the next series which was arrived in the year 2009 starring, Robert Carlyle and Ming-Na Wen.

This series was pitched as the darker franchise but unfortunately, it lasted for only two seasons. Not only this but this season was ended on a major spine-chiller so there are still few hopes that Stargate Universe season 3 will be released and unleash the suspense they created.

Stargate Universe was canceled –

This sad thing happened because of the rapid decline or collapse in the ratings of the show. A continuous decline in the viewers of the show initially led to the change in time interval for the season-2 of the show which became the further cause for the further decrease in the ratings of the show.

SYFY later announced and declared that they will not be picking up for the third season and ultimately it came to an end in the year 2011. Stargate Universe also ended with a spine-chiller, with the damaged ship of the crew who needed to jump to a completely new universe. The entire team except for Eli goes into the counterpoise for a long journey.

Stargate Universe season 3

Because Eli had to stay awake as his pod was broken completely. And now, he has two weeks to fasten it before his life support system breaks down and the final episode was ended with Eli staring out into space, his future debatable.

Kickstarter for Stargate Universe season 3 –

Though this show has very few fans and they are quite determined and passionate. Like, in the year 2014, one of the fans of the show took to Kickstarter just to save all the funds for Stargate Universe season 3. This campaign basically was to raise more than $27 million to collect the finance to make the third season of this series.

There is no requirement to say that this campaign fell far way shorter to the actual goal it wanted to achieve and even though it accumulated enough money to make the third season but there is no security that the directors and producers will make the Stargate Universe season.Stargate Universe season 3

Check out the trailer of Stargate Universe if you have not seen it before.

Stargate Universe – A comic –

The spine-chiller was resolved with the help of a comic book, really?

Well, yes! In the year 2017, a comic came out named Stargate Universe – Back to Destiny, which started from the very ending of the spine-chiller of the series. It begins with Colonel Young which was played by Louis Ferreira who awoke from his pod via Eli and a team of few unknown people. If we go in the flashback, Eli got failed to fix the broken pod were showed but somehow he manages to buy himself a kind of life support for the next ten weeks.

Then, Eli founds out that there are more pods than the broken one which was hidden on the Destiny. And this thing was of the kinds of stuff which astonished the new characters. The leftover parts of this comic play out of the mystery.

Stargate Universe season 3

But none of the team members of the series was involved in making this comic so it is not certain that to what extent this story is correct but as of now the chances of the release of Stargate Universe season 3 are very less and this is the only thing which can be read by the fans of this series.

So, the bottom line is there are very few chances of the release of Stargate Universe season 3 due to its low ratings but let’s hope for the best.

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