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Best Play Kitchen 2015 –

The one thing I’ve gotten better at is reassuring myself that I’m not old enough to be heaving kids when I see my older friends being all cute and cuddly with their kids. I’d rather just have a cat. When you have kids, it gets important to buy the perfect toys for them to help them develop certain skills or just for the fun.

A friend of mine was looking for a Play Kitchen. Her son wanted to prepare to make-believe in the fake kitchen, so I decided to help her find the perfect Play Kitchen for her son. As I was helping her fish for the perfect toy kitchen, I realized how tough of a task it was. I had to look at a lot of different aspects because she wanted the money to be spent right. I came across this particular video which I think might be the best bet for clueless parents to deal with the stress of purchasing the Best Play Kitchen 2015.

It is a video published by Ezvid Wiki on Jun 17, 2015. Click here to watch the video.

In this video, there are 10 of the Best Play Kitchen 2015 and I am going to take you through them.

List of Best Play Kitchen 2015:

  • KidKraft Red Retro –

Best Play Kitchen 2015


The first one on the list is the incredibly stylish KidKraft Red Retro Play Kitchen. It is made out of faux chrome and has stainless accents. It has a fridge and a cabinet door that opens to reveal massive storage space. It has a sturdy wooden construction and it comes with a two-burner cooktop. Someone who isn’t handy with tools might struggle to assemble the Best Play Kitchen 2015 but if you follow the manual that comes with the packaging, you do not have a single thing to worry about.

It is available on Amazon starting from 150$ USD. Click here to purchase.

  • Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner

It is a wooden kitchen that lives by the motto back to basics and leaves a lot to the kid’s imagination. Its compact design allows it to easily fit in a corner. One of the most impressive parts of this is that it has a working timer that comes in bright colors that are nongendered.

This best play kitchen 2015 is available on Amazon for purchase. Click here.

  • Little Tike’s Cook and Play –

Best Play Kitchen 2015

It is an outdoor play kitchen set that comes with a double floored grill and sinks. The grill and the oven close and it includes plastic hamburgers and hotdogs. It also has satisfying click knobs. Pre-schoolers might be able to take the most benefit of this Best Play Kitchen 2015 as it has a low height. It requires two aaa batteries and reviews suggest it is hard to put on the legs on this Best Play Kitchen 2015.

You can purchase this Best Play Kitchen 2015 on Amazon for 89.99$ USD. Click here to purchase.

  • Hape Playfully Delicious –

Best Play Kitchen 2015

It has a compact design that is made out of wood complete with a pull-out counter. There is a blackboard to write down today’s menu. It has large stovetops with red burner knobs and an oven with a see-through window. It also has a sink tub that can be removed.

You can purchase this on Amazon and its prices start from 106$ USD. Click here to purchase.

  • Little Tike’s Cook N Grow –

Best Play Kitchen 2015

It has a height that is perfect for toddlers and a second stage that is perfect for growing children. It has a pot that has a shape-sorting lid and a frying pan that sizzles as though it is a real pan. The appliance doors are a little difficult to open when it comes to a toddler trying to open them. It has a beautiful red design that catches any kid’s eye.

It is available on Amazon for USD 108.99. Click here to purchase.

  • KidKraft Grand Gourmet –

Best Play Kitchen 2015

The KidKraft Grand Gourmet has a beautiful and space-saving corner design as it can fit in a corner easily and not take up a lot of space in your kid’s play area. Although it has a compact design, it is big enough for multiple kids to play in it at one time.

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It includes a washing machine and a knob that turns and clicks. It includes a metal pot pan and two spatulas.

It is available for 185$ USD on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

  • Step 2 LifeStyle –

Best Play Kitchen 2015

This one has certain upscale features like crown molding and paneled cabinets. It also makes cooking sounds because of the stainless faux appliances. The frame window comes with an overhead light. It also includes pretending food and certain dinnerware.

You can purchase this on Amazon for 165$ USD. Click here to purchase.

  • Little Tikes Cook Around –

Best Play Kitchen 2015

It has a wheeled pull-out kitchen island that stores under the kitchen counter to save some space in your kid’s bedroom or the playroom. It has a pretend cutting board and to give a modern feel, it also has a smartphone docking station. It also includes a slide-out tray for serving.

This Best Play Kitchen 2015 is currently not available on Amazon.

  • KidKraft Uptown –

Best Play Kitchen 2015

This is one of the best play kitchens in 2015. It has an upscale modern look that looks both extremely polished and elegant. It has a neutral stature which means it can fit anywhere in the house. It features a speckled countertop design and a chalkboard feature on the refrigerator as well as a plastic sink that removes for easy cleaning.


It is available on Amazon for purchase starting from 155.99$ USD. Click here to purchase.

  • Step 2 Grand – Walk IN

Best Play Kitchen 2015


The Step2 Grand-Walk IN has it all including a 103 piece accessory kit. It features an electronic stovetop grill and a phone and it also includes an actual dining space, multiple storage bins, and realistic appliances.

This is truly one of the Best Play Kitchen 2015 of all time. It is available on Amazon for 270$ USD. Click here to purchase.


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