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Steve Harvey is pissed again as Lori Harvey ARREST in Hit and Run case still didn’t came to end

Hit and Run – Charge of Hit and Run Involved in an Accident

Lori Harvey was sentenced to jail after she was convicted of hitting a man with her car. Despite the judge’s sympathy, the jury decided to sentence Lori Harvey to a year in jail. Lori Harvey hit and run is a very common scenario that happens many times when someone gets annoyed by another person. Usually, the person who irritated the other person has a really messed up mind and so the first thing that comes into the minds of such people is “I am going to run him over!” This action tends to annoy and provoke the person to a really high state of excitement which may end in a road rage situation.

lori harvey hit and run arrested

Often, when such an incident takes place, both parties are at fault and the one who just ran away faster wins the argument. But in this particular situation, it looks like Lori Harvey hit and run was the one who provoked the other person. The evidence proved that Lori Harvey hit and runs really did offend another person and when the police questioned her about it, she just said “I don’t remember.” Although the police officers saw the scene of the crash, they did not give her a ticket for it. When they asked her if she had any injuries, she answered no. She continued to deny answering that question until the latter moment when she fumbled and showed her ankle band, an ankle bracelet that was a crucial piece of evidence.

After the questioning, the arresting officer realized that Lori Harvey had a pretty bad track record and he booked her for driving under the influence. She was taken to the precinct lockup holding cells. They hit it off and within a few hours, she had broken into tears. The judge then set her free but told her not to go near anybody and to stay away from the road. After that, she was allowed to return home.

About an hour later, Lori Harvey got out of the car and went to find her boyfriend. He told her that he had been in a terrible accident when Lori hit him and he was okay. Lori Harvey was able to describe the accident to her boyfriend but he could only make out the left side of her injury. He also noticed that her right eye was bloodshot and that it was bruised.

Lori Harvey Arrested?

A week after the accident, Lori Harvey’s boyfriend called her again. This time, he was very calm and explained to her in great detail the accident that occurred and the ensuing chase between his vehicle and hers. Lori Harvey told him her story but at that point, she still had no idea whether or not she would be charged with a crime. The police officers who were present at the scene of the accident testified at a court hearing that Lori Harvey had been charged with operating an uninsured motor vehicle and therefore, a hit and run charge.

Charges of hit and run are very serious. Although they carry sentences of up to a year in jail, there is also the possibility of being placed on probation, fines, and even roadside sobriety courses. If you were arrested for these offenses, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A qualified attorney will be familiar with the laws surrounding hit and run charges and will work aggressively to get your charges dismissed.