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Greg Gutfeld's wife

Greg Gutfeld wife

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Greg Gutfeld wife: Greg Gutfeld is an American television show host, producer, author, and most famously a journalist. He spent almost his entire career for the fox news channel. He did various political shows like The Five (he is most popular for the five) The Greg Gutfeld Show, and Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

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He got fame in the year 1999 when he was a journalist and promoted to the editor of the magazine ‘Men’s health’. Then, later on, he left working for the ‘Men’s health’ and started working for the magazine, ‘Maxim UK’ as an editor. Before joining fox news he worked as a contributor for ‘The Huffington post’. In this article, you will be meeting with Greg Gutfeld wife and later but more about his personal life.

Greg Gutfeld wife – Elena Moussa –

Elena Moussa, usually known as Greg Gutfeld wife, was born on March 4, 1982. Her nationality is Russian as she was born in Russia but later in her life, she moved to London with her family. Greg Gutfeld wife was enrolled as a student at Parson school of design and fashion institute of technology which is in New York.

Greg Gutfeld wife

Know more about Greg Gutfeld wife, Elena Moussa!

She went back to Russia after completing her studies. She is a determined and focused lady with a career in the fashion world. She was always interested in fashion and items of clothing. becoming a fashion designer was her childhood dream and she is fortunate enough to achieve her goals later in her life.

After coming back from New York she started her career as a model. She was discovered by various talent companies which needed her to be featured in various TV commercials as well as magazines. Then, later on, she started working as a photo editor for the magazine Maxim Russia.

How Greg Gutfeld met Elena Moussa?

Greg Gutfeld and Greg Gutfeld wife, Elena Moussa met when they both were working for the same magazine ‘Maxim’. On the first day of his job, Greg met the love of his life ‘Elena Moussa’ as an editor of the ‘Maxim UK’ in the year 2004.

Once in an interview with the Daily Beast, he said, when he saw Elena, he asked about her to the editor of ‘Maxim Russia’ (as Elena was working for the Maxim Russia) that who is she? And then he started hitting on her straight for 3 days, but she never fell for him rather than she acted cold towards him all the time.

But finally, he gathered all his strength and asked her out for the date. Everything went well and then she moved to London in order to stay with him. They both dated each other for complete 5 months. Greg Gutfeld and Greg Gutfeld wife, Elena, tied the knot in New York in the civil ceremony.

Greg Gutfeld wife

Greg Gutfeld asserts to be Non – Religious –

Greg Gutfeld was born in a Catholic family to Jacqueline Bernice Alfred Jack Gutfeld in San Mateo, California on September 12, 1964. But after growing up, he says that he is non – religious. He comprehends as well as acknowledges the importance and gain of any religion of any community.

He was a bimah boy which helped him a lot to be more socialized and form stronger bonds with the people around him of the community. Once in an interview with The Blaze, he said that the world doesn’t need to foist the religious believes on each other rather they need to gain all the profits from it.

And that is the reason why he likes Alain de Batton, an amazing writer, philosopher, as well as a skeptic. Greg said that he talks a lot about this, ‘Religion is a great thing no matter even if you are a skeptic or not, you just can not dispose anything and then think a lot about life that it just goes on because it will not.

It is the most precious thing. So, having a religion is a very crucial thing not just for its believers but also for its non-believers. But that doesn’t mean that you will be imposing that on someone forcefully. Everyone knows about it, it’s just whether they want to follow it not.

Greg Gutfeld wife

Greg Gutfeld’s experiences molded his thoughts related to Politics –

Greg Gutfeld enrolled at the University of California in Berkeley after graduating from the Junipero Serra high school. He was a liberal in his high school as he was receiving good grades. Once in an interview with Reason Magazine, he said that he got great help by being a liberal at his school.

The more you take care of anything, the more the professors will take care of you and your friends too. But later in his school life, he realized that he was not a liberal, not a conservative, but a libertarian.

But now, he says that he does not belong to any of the political groups or he is not in a favour of any of the political leaders. In another interview with Blaze, he said that he became a conservative when he was in Berkeley as all the people around him were liberals.

But later on, he became more libertarian, he said that he does not know what he is but he surely does not like the boxes of ideology.

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