Sommer Ray Depressed and accused Singer Machine Gun Kelly for Cheating On Her With Megan Fox

Sommer Ray Blame Machine Gun Kelly of Cheating on Her

Machine Gun Kelly is the defendant of cheating on fitness influencer Sommer Ray along with his now-girlfriend Megan Fox. examine the model’s surprising claims here.

Fitness influencer Sommer Ray incorporates a bone to choose with Machine Gun Kelly.

During associate look on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, the 24-year-old model claimed the musician, inheritable Colson Baker, “kinda cheated” on her along with his co-star Megan Fox.

“If you scrutinize the timeline people geological dating, we tend to were along in Puerto RICO,” she said, adding that he was motion-picture photography the moving picture pocket knife Grass with the Jennifer’s Body actor at the time.

She said that she thought she was older and like had kids and was married .

E! News confirmed that Megan is engaged on a pic with Machine Gun Kelly .

When they came back from Puerto RICO, Sommer says she got convinced that they were having an affair when he did not let her visit the set of his “Bloody Valentine” music video. She recalled, “I asked him why he did not invite Maine to the music video and he same COVID restrictions. and so that music video came out and that i was like, ‘Oh.'”

Sommer remembered another suspicious moment with Colson, describing however the singer would put off his phone before they visited sleep. At the time, he told her it had been as a result of he thought the “vibrations” of his phone were doubtless harmful. on reflection, Sommer believes it had been “because Megan was aiming to decision.”
Sommer did not say if she knew they were obviously draw up at that point, however she says she would not are hurt if they were, joking, “I’d most likely do a similar factor. Like i would cuckold Colson with Megan Fox, like if it had been the opposite manner around I most likely would be doing this.”

Even so, Sommer thought Colson perverted their split on social media. She explained, “I most likely would have not talked concerning this as a result of I don’t prefer to remark this type of stuff and that i detest to love air people’s business, however he visited Twitter and created it seem to be i used to be the devil, like I stone-broke up with him on his birthday.”

Following Sommer’s clap-back, Colson superimposed, “i should not have tweeted concern. particularly once the person could be a nice human and this tweet looks one-sided.”

The model claimed his tweets concerning their breakup caused her to receive “death threats for like weeks and weeks,” as a result of the musician incorporates a “cult following.”

It’s currently all water beneath the bridge for Sommer, United Nations agency says she is not “mad” concerning his unfaithfulness as a result of they ne’er slept along. consistent with the influencer, she makes each partner wait a minimum of 3 months before doing the deed and, as she place it, “Colson simply ne’er passed the check.”

E! News reached dead set Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s reps for comment, however did not hear back.

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