Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram DOWN!! Is Our Data safe or Hacked!!!!? Full Reason Behind it?

Many people facing the issue that Whatsapp and Facebook along with Instagram are down, people are not able to use these apps, they are not able to refresh the news feed, overall this issue is being faced by all the user world wild.

OUR Data is safe or not?

This could be a server issue so we can say our data is safe with them, so no need to worry about it, it will be fixed within some time…

What is the issue?

Instagram is showing a server error while Facebook also has an error for users trying to login. 78% of all issues are reported with the Facebook newsfeed.

When navigating to Instagram’s website users are shown the message, “5xx Server Error. More than 125,000 users have reported issues with Instagram”


Over 24,000 users in the UK have reported issues with Whatsapp.

81% of users have reported problems with sending and receiving messages on Facebook Messenger with just under 5,000 users reporting the outage in the UK to Downdetector.

Facebook-owned platforms WhatsApp and Instagram are facing issues as it seems to be down. Many users have reported that WhatsApp web is not working and they are not able to login to their respective accounts.

Downdetector has revealed that these apps along with Facebook are facing issues all over the world. Meanwhile, Instagram is showing login errors and server errors as well.

Speaking on Down Detector’s forum page, one user said: “Help I urgently need to send a WhatsApp message regarding some news I received from India, what do I do ??”

Whilst another added: “All three apps are down Facebook insta and WhatsApp must be something up with the servers.”

Users have also flocked to social media to vent their frustrations with one fan saying: “WhatsApp and Instagram are down. So am I.”

Another tweeted: “WhatsApp Down and Instagram cannot refresh the feed.”

It looks as if Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all down, as users of the social media services are reporting this on other social media sites. According to Down Detector, issues with the app-based sites all began around 1:30 p.m. ET, with Instagram users getting a “5xx server error.” The outlet also noted that “user reports indicate Facebook Messenger is having problems,” as well.

Twitter users have been commenting on the situation, with one joking, “The only time I open my Twitter is to check if Instagram is down.” Another user quipped, “Someone at Facebook unplugged the wrong cable, Instagram and WhatsApp are both down for me.” Journalist George Eaton added, “WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are all down – it’s almost as if monopolies are a bad idea.”

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