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Best Cutting Board America Kitchen | PICK THE BEST FOR YOUR KITCHEN!! Shocking Prices!!

Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen

Here we are talking about the best kichen cutting board which you should use for your kichen. Cutting board is the best thing that everyone should use. Cutting board has many shapes and sizes and many variety of cutting board has comes. Cutting board is used to cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing the vegetables, fruits and many other things by placing them on it. This is an amazing tool which you should buy for your kitchen. We’re here to bring you the best and strongest cutting board which you can buy without any doubt. Scroll our article below to see The Best Cutting Board America Kitchen.

Cutting Boards are one of the essential things in the kitchen. Cutting boards are as important as the best knives in the kitchen. Some people prefer a light cutting board while others love to have a thick, solid cutting board. Wood and Bamboo cutting boards are very likely to be used in kitchens than plastic cutting boards. While these wooden cutting boards are very costly and hard to maintain than plastic cutting boards. They offer a better experience to cut vegetables and meat. There are many types of cutting boards available in the market but every chef or home maker’s desire is to pick the right cutting board for their kitchen. This article will let you know about the characteristics you should consider while buying a cutting board or chopping board according to Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen. Check out the details of Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen:

1. Dimension of the board :


The best cutting board America’s test kitchen must be spacious enough to place all the vegetables and knives. People always preferred large cutting boards as they will offer large working space whether to trim big roast or slice long bunches of greens. The winner of best cutting board America’s test kitchen is a cutting board with dimensions 18 inches wide and 24 inches long. Everyone recommends having the biggest board that is comfortable to lift and clean. The heavier the board is more secure it will sit on your cabinet and will not slip or fall when you cut or knead. A board weighing 11 or 12 pounds is a lighter cutting board and will occasionally move when chopped vigorously. So always pick a heavy cutting board. But the very heavy cutting boards are not very much liked as people find it difficult to wrestle with the cutting board.

2. Feet versus reversible boards:

Boards with feet are considered best by some chefs. The boards with feet are tipped with rubber or plastic grips. This grip helps the boards to stick to the counter and will provide proper and secure shopping. Some tests also revealed that these boards are easy to lift and handle compared to the boards without feet and grip. They are very easy to lift that just by slipping the hand under the board we can lift them. This space in between also allows the board to dry by giving space for the air to flow. Boards without feet should be placed in a corner to dry. But, these boards dry out very easily. Some of these reversible boards with feet come with finger grips and slightly sloped towards the side with short legs. This will allow you to lift and handle them easily.

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3. Harder wood or a softer wood which is the best cutting board for America’s test kitchen:

Durability and easy maintenance are the important characteristics of the best cutting board. Many of the cutting boards will have cut marks and signs of using after using them for a while. These marks come from the serrated knives used for slicing bread. Some boards only had minor scratches but other boards are present with large scratches that are very bad to look at and to use the board again. The remains of the things you cut on the board will get attached to scratches and will cause a bad odor and change the taste of the food. All these scratches are related to the material the cutting boards are made up of. Every wooden board is different as it is made with different types of wood. After running several tests it was found that the cutting boards made with maple and yellow birch are found to have a small number of scratches and knife marks. These trees are very hard and are less likely to get scared. Although this wood is very hard it does not blunt your knives easily unlike other materials like glass. All these good characteristics are present in the best cutting board America’s test kitchen.

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4. Grain styles :


According to Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen, The construction way of a cutting board and the grain style of it will also determine how durable the cutting board is.  End grain boards made with blocks of wood with their grain part revealed on the surface. They are vulnerable to cuts and cracks. While cutting for cooking we always cut with less force so not much harm comes to the boards. But if you cut on a grain style board with much pressure there is a greater risk of splitting the grains on the surface of the board. Chop on the center of the grains. End grain boards are somehow hard to crack or scratch but they are still vulnerable if the cut or crack is made on the end of the grains. End grain boards absorb more moisture and debris than edge grain boards. This absorption of moisture and food debris will make the boards much more susceptible to damage. They also change the odor and taste of the food being cut on the surface of these boards. The more the water is absorbed there are more chances for the board to crack. The end grain boards will have different wood types so they will expand and contract in different directions. To conclude edge grain boards are much more comfortable than end grain boards.

5. Does they need care and maintenance :


Though the cutting boards are easily broken or cracked. The longevity of the boards is based on the care provided by the owner. End grain boards need to care more than edge grain boards. End grain boards absorb more water and oil and they are quite hard to dry. While edge grain boards are a lot less permeable to water and oil. The boards must be cleaned after every use and dried carefully. They must be placed safely without the interference of direct sunlight.  So how you care for your board is all that matters. Even the Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen needs to be cared for.

This article about the best cutting board America’s test kitchen has made pretty clear about the characteristics of the best cutting board. This is based on the tests run to select the best cutting board America’s test kitchen and they chose Teakhaus by Proteak Edge Grain Cutting Board as the Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen

What is your favorite cutting board? What are you looking for in a cutting board?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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