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Contents Best Can Opener America’s test kitchenList of best can opener according to Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen:1. Made in USA Can opener:2.Hamilton beach 76606ZA smooth touch can opener:3.Oxo steel Can opener :4. P-38 …

Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen

In this busy world, we prefer to get all the things done immediately. We prefer fast food over home-cooked food as they save time and energy. We look for instruments and appliances to simply our job. There are many appliances available in the market that will simplify the work in your kitchen. With the advent of technology, new appliances and tools are being identified in the world. One of the very basic things you will need in your kitchen is a Can opener. Having the best can opener in your kitchen will minimize the stress you get while opening a Can. Though there are many Can openers available in the market, finding the Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen is not easy. This article will help you pick the Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen for your kitchen. Opening a Can is not a thing everyone likes to do, it can be really annoying at times. But, with the best Can opened,r you can open your Can without getting your hands cut. Here’s a list of the Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen available in the market.

To have a complete set of kitchen tools, you must have the right kind of equipment to properly handle any job or task that is to be done in the kitchen. When it comes to trimming or cutting the heads of cans, So it’s best to have a can opener nearby to help you get through this very quickly. A can opener is used to open the can. Two types of can openers have existed one of them is the electric model and one is the mechanical model. Both types of can openers are designed to open a can on your kitchen table without mess. However, the design and mode of the functionality of both the models are very different from each other.

List of best can opener according to Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen:

1. Made in USA Can opener:

Best Can Opener America's test kitchen

This Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen made with Carbon steel is the best one you can open your can with. It will require no effort. It has a skip-proof wheel and gear which makes this can opener the best. The wheel cutter is zinc plated and treated with heat thus making the can opener sturdy and effective. It is very easy to use all you have to do is press the cutting blade on the top, hold the handle pads, turn the crank and open the lid. You can press the lid back into the can once you are done with your work. It has sharp edges so, mind your hands while using it. It is very easy to use.

2.Hamilton beach 76606ZA smooth touch can opener:

Best Can Opener America's test kitchen

This Hamilton beach Can opener is electrically operated. It is easy and effective. You can use it in minutes just press the lever and keep at the Can until it opens after making a complete rotation. It comes with a Magnetthath that will hold your Can in position until it is cut open. The cut made by this Can opener is with smooth edges and not like the other Can openers. It does not make contact with the can thus preventing the chances of harmful bacterial infection. It is suitable for all the available Can sizes. It can be also used on containers with a pop-top lid. It requires only one hand to operate. It has a special type of lever driven by electricity which is called an ergonomic lever. It is one of the Best Can Opener America’s test kitchens.

3.Oxo steel Can opener :

This Can opener also has an ergonomic lever. This is definitely the Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen. It has a large but soft turning knob which is very easy to use. It will allow you to have a good grip even when your hands are wet. This is really good to look at and effective. It does not rust as it is made with sleek Stainless Steel material. The blade is sharp and it will make a good cut. It is very easy to operate. This is also a bottle cap opener so you get two benefits from a single tool. It is very easy to open bottle caps with this Can opener. It is silver in color which adds beauty to its sleek design. The cushion-like handle absorbs pressure and offers a good grip. The cleaning process must be done properly, it is very aesthetic.

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4. P-38 can opener and P-51 can opener:

Best Can Opener America's test kitchen

It is the lightest weighted Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen. It is also the very cheapest Can opener you will find. Both these Can openers are best and they do a really good job. They are made of steel and are compatible with Key chains. P-38 is best for opening seams, cans, screw drives, clean fingernails, and even cut items. It is very easy to use you can just rotate the cutting edge to 90 degrees and hold it on the lid of the Can you need to open and rotate it till the lid opens. The combo pack available is versatile and it is known as a military-style can opener. The price of this can opener is very low. But, they are,75 years old. Periodic lubrication is essential.

5. Swing Away portable Can opener :

This Best Can Opener America’s test kitchen is made of high carbon material. The cutting wheels are sharp and give you a smooth cutting experience. It is skip-proof as the handle offers a good grip. It comes with a bottle opener. The bottle opener makes it whole. It is very comfortable to use and will take away the pain from your hands while you use it. The handle has cranks that can be folded for easy storage. The soft cushion handle will give you a good grip making the can opener easy to use and to wash and clean. Clean it with warm water and detergent.

6. Kitchen Aid Can opener :


Kitchen aid is quite famous. Their Can opener is definitely the best. It is made with stainless steel material. It is sturdy and durable. The handle which is big compared to many other Can openers gives you a perfect grip over the opener. It is very easy to clean. Rinsing it with warm water and using a small quantity of detergent will make it clear and shining as new. It also comes with a year warranty which attracts people more towards it. The ergonomic handle is the best thing about this Can opener. You can buy it without a second thought for it is the very best Can opener.


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Can openers be important for a kitchen? It is not easy to choose the best can opener to buy. But, with this article, you can choose the Can opener which is the best of the best. Make sure you keep these brands of Can openers when you decide to buy one next time.

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