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Man On Fire True Story: Action- Thriller Film | Emotional | TRUE STORY! [Reveled]

Man On Fire True Story: ( An action-thriller film with an emotional bond of a girl with his bodyguard)

Man On Fire True Story

Man on fire is a movie released in 2004 which is truly based on a novel whose name is similar to the title of the movie is “man on fire”. This is an action and thriller-based movie. This movie was directed by Tony Scott. It is properly inspired by the novel released in 1980. The main lead of this movie is Denzel Washington, It is a completely action-thriller movie about a man who is working as a bodyguard of a nine-year-old girl child. In the movie, she is being kidnapped by the Mexican Mafia.
This film has a lot of action with a beautiful connection between the girl and her bodyguard. The acting of Washington is commendable and Dakota Fanning as Pita made us more indulge in this story.

Man on Fire is one of the best thriller and also an action movie and you should know that this movie received a lot of success as you know you can easily download this movie from your site, director by Tony Scott from a screenplay by Brian in 1980 it is started as a novel of the same name and the name is A. J. Quinnell.

However, this movie novel had been adopted with a feature movie in 1987 which have a lot of success to So it this film Man of Fire Denzel Washington John portrays Kreis as a lowly drunk who is a former U. S. Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Caption and CIA Special Activities Division officer so that there is a bodyguard who he will now take revenge if you see this movie should know that how much good it is.

The most asked question about this movie is a man on fire is based on a true story? Is this movie real? So let me clear this myth man on fire is a movie and it is completely an imagination of a writer who wrote a novel named as man in the fire. And after few years Tony Scott made a movie e on this novel and this movie is produced by Lucas foster. This movie was released in two languages are English and Spanish. The duration of this movie is 146 minutes. This movie gain lot of popularity because of the dialogue screenplay and graphics. People loved this thriller movie very much. Know more below that Man On Fire True Story:

Some Incident which truly inspired him

Man On Fire True Story

The central portion of this movie was inspired by two real-life incidents because of which question arises that Man On Fire True Story? The writer was very much affected by those incidents and wrote the middle portion of this novel on the real incidents. The first incident was very famous that is the kidnapping case of a very famous and rich businessman from Singapore. Kidnappers kidnap his elder son and asking for money but he refused to give the money because he knew that if he gave money this time his younger son will also be in trouble one day. Kidnappers killed his son and that incident got a lot of sympathies. But the rest of the children was safe. The first middle portion of the movie and noble inspired by this incident. And the second portion of this Man On Fire True Story was based on the second incident of his life. The second incident was the kidnapping of one of the world-famous richest person J. Paul Getty was one of the richest people in this world and her grandson was kidnapped. He lives in Rome and has millions of dollars of property. the same case happened here he denied giving the money just because to ensure the safety of the rest 13 children. He denied giving the money as he suspected that his grandson himself planning this kidnapping to get some money from him. But the kidnappers started threatened him and started sending the pieces of her grandson’s body so he agreed to pay 2 million dollars to the kidnappers. And his grandson returns back after 5 months of kidnapping. The case does not end here. The investigation started and this news spread like fire all over the world. And after 9 months of hard work Cops caught 9 team members from the kidnapping team. This is also a famous incident from which the writer was affected and wrote the middle portion of his noble from these two incidents. And as the movie man in fire is totally based on the novel so these incidents were also part of the middle portion of the movie. So Man On Fire True Story is revealed now!

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Cast and Crew member of the Man On Fire True Story

  • Denzel Washington act as John W. Creasy, The former CIA operative and force Recon Marine officer
  • Dakota Fanning act as Lupita (Pita) Ramos
  • Radha Mitchell acts as Lisa Ramos Lisa begin from Houston, Texan Eric Harrison of the Houston Chronicles described Lisa as an ” American Trophy wife with a southern accent that seems to come and go.
  • Christopher Walken acts as Paul Rayburn, who is the owner of a security firm in Mexico. Marion Brando was begun considering this role but his weak health ( which is the cause of his death) prevent him from this role.
  • Marc Anthony act as Samuel Ramos 
  • Giancarlo Giannini acts as Miguel Manzano who is the director of AFI. Tonu Scott said that ” Glancario loves women, as according to the character demands.
  • Mickey Rourke acts as Jordan Kalfus, the lawyer of Samuel Ramos. Kalfus and Samuel Ramos’s father were the best friends, and due to their close relations with Samuel. Mickey Rourke said that Kalfus has authority to his father, to him, to look out for his goodness. That’s why Kalfus desires to present there for him 
  • Rachel Ticotin act as Mariana Garcia Guerrero acted as a reporter for the Diario Reforma
  • Roberto Sosa acts as Daniel Sanchez, ” provide the voice” He is acted as real kidnapper Daniel Arizmendi Lopez.
  • Jesus Ochoa acts as Victor Fuentes
  • Gero Camilo acts as Aurelio Sanchez.

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This film has a different twist with a different ending

Man On Fire True Story
There are lots of myths and rumors connected with the movie that Man On Fire True Story! Later now people know the truth and the conspiracy of the Man On Fire True Story comes out to be false.
This hit film is not the same as other films, Its end is also very different from others. In the book, Pinta dies when the swapping goes wrong. and, immediately after his revenge Creasy creates a fake death of his own and went somewhere to build up a beautiful life for the rest of his life. This film is a little bit complicated we will see that somehow their fate goes in exchange and Pita is saved but Creasy dies.

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