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Good Morning Call Season 3 CONFIRMED? | Romantic series | Release date out!?

The good Morning call is a Japanese Manga series that run in the monthly magazine Ribon from 1997-2002. The part of the story is adapted into an OVA. In December 2019 18 volumes have been released. The drama has written by Yue Takasuka. and was published by Shueisha, the magazine’s name was Robin. The story Manga has released in September 1997 with 11 volumes. Know more about Good Morning Call Season 3 below:

The original animation of the drama was released in August 2001. A live-action television drama was adapted was co-produced by Fuji TV(Japan), Netflix worldwide. Where Manga series were taken in Tokyo and follows the main character from high school to university. The first season of Good morning call was streamed on Fuji TV on demand of Netflix in Japan from February 2016 to June 2016. The second series was released in September 2017. Under the title of Good morning call our campus days. According to the media, production team, there is currently a discussion about season three of the Good morning call.

The season follows Nao and Hisashi as college students in the second season, there is a chance that season 3 will have a different romantic concept. Since the fans of the show are eagerly waiting for updates on season 3. If Netflix, does renew the show Good morning call season 3, we can expect it to be in 2021.

Good Morning Call Season 3

The storyline of Good morning call:

The good-morning call is totally about the good-looking and charismatic characters. Good morning call has been taken in Tokyo. The story follows the Indifferent love relationship between the two leading characters of the series, Nao and Hisashi.Both of them living together in the same apartment.as flatmates in Tokyo.At, first Nao seems different from the handsome and popular Hisashi. She soon develops feelings for him.

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This beautiful romantic drama starts, when Nao parent’s move to the countryside to take care of the family farm. After completed her school, she moved into her dream apartment in Tokyo. She was very happy and enjoying in that apartment, suddenly this joy turns into the frustration that when she saw a good-looking classmate and Hisashi is her’s flatmate too. Realizing that they both expensive their rental payment and waits for another option to open up. Nao falls in feelings with Hisashi and finally, Hisashi falls for Nao.

Hisashi’s romance continues, but the age and mature fresh challenges arise. They find it increasingly difficult to spend time together. The relationship finally comes under strain, and when they break up. Nao tries and reinvents herself and the other characters in the drama as supporting characters to the developing romance between Nao and Hisashi. Good morning calls series is a romantic comedy-drama enjoys all over the country at good ratings of 7.79% on IMDB. However Nao develops feelings for him but, he is still not over a crush on her.

Good Morning Call Season 3

Release date of Good morning call season 3:

The show has premiered on Netflix in February 2016, it was running till June 2016. The second season, Titled Good Morning call our campus days came a year later in September 2017. There is discussion is still going for the third season. There is no further information about the Good morning call season 3.As result fans are expecting something new and refreshing for another season. Still, fans don’t leave your hope because you have another season coming up your way.

Good Morning Call Season 3 is one of the best seasons in almost one Japanese Shojo manga series you should know that this season is released and also telecast by Yue Talasuka So that it is also the best Manga show have received a lot of fans and also a lot of success.

Good Morning Call Season 3 is a live-action and very interesting movie television series. This series is going to released on Netflix and another app Fuji Tv which is used by the Japanese, this is also a teenage movie show you can watch and enjoy this series.

There is no official teaser released regarding Good morning call season 3.Good morning is now streaming on Netflix. So, those who don’t watch still now can catch up now.

We don’t know what to expect from the third season as there are numerous ways to write a drama like this and there are various types of dramas. It all depends upon how Netflix needs to do if they want to do anything at all. Good morning call season 2 is based on completing an original story of college life. So, there are many possibilities to release season 3.

Good morning call Season 3 Cast members:

The cast members of Good morning call were: Haruka Fukuhara as Nao Yoshikawa, Shun’ya Shiraishi as Hisashi Uehara, Moe Arai as Marina Konno, Shugo Nagashima as Yuichi Mitsuishi, Kentaro Ito as Issei Sata, Koya Nagasawa as Jun Abe, and others.

Good Morning Call Season 3

Reviews of the fans regarding Good morning call season 3:

The Fans have been so far waiting to see the next season of Good morning call season 3 for quite a while now. The fans saw this show last three years back on Netflix. So everyone is waiting for the third season. The show is one of the kind and has received many positive reviews from the side of the fan. The viewers loved the acting of the cast members’ performance. Still, we didn’t receive any official information about Good Morning Call Season 3. But both the season got a great response from the critics as well as its viewers.

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The makers of the show are still finding that whether the third season will come or not? Good morning call season 3 is currently in discussion. So. for the fans we expect that to announce third season arrival soon on the official site. The fans are really liked the good-looking cast members of the show, so it is important to make discission for the next season again. So far the chances are high that we may see the third season. Maybe season three will come in 2022.

Good Morning Call Season 3

It has been since three years there is no news where the third season will come or not Is it canceled or renewed for another season. But the ratings for the past are acceptable for Netflix to make another season. If season 3 of Good morning call comes, to be the character are expected to reprise their roles in it.

Nao and Hisashi both confess their love and started dating together. It was no longer where they could not spend time between them makes a strain on the relationship. We have no idea that Good morning call season 3 will about the two will reunite again in the future and the story can go further interesting. So far there is not a word that has come out, so it will be wise to keep guesses to yourself.

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