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Will There Be The Last Of Us 3? Naughty Dog Hints Game Won’t End With Part II

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Created by “Naughty Dog”, The Last of Us is a game rotating around fantastic based on action-adventure. This game played from a criminal individual point of view shows the narrative of Joel who is a dealer. Part two of The Last of Us caused the fans to go insane as the game broke the business records by selling more than copies of 7 million in only a week. In spite of the fact that the subsequent part had quite recently got released on 19th June 2020 so by when would we be able to anticipate a sequel?

The official announcement for the release date of The Last Of Us third part is yet to be declared. Neil Druckmann who directed the game said that the storyline for part 3 will be having an emotional worth and which will be a totally different experience. In spite of the fact that, with their announcements, it is sure that they have not yet thought of any affirmed storyline for the upcoming continuation.

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We are hoping another part as when part 1 got released, Neil had affirmed that another part was important to do equity to the story. Subsequently, perhaps part three will come out to proceed with the account of the second game. Gamers have cherished the first part which arrived a very long time in 2013. There are a huge number of sold copies that were evidence that the second part too was a success. This has become the motivation behind why gamers are waiting for the third part to come out.

Until this date, both the parts have been put together to a decent degree with respect to adore. In the third part, we absolutely anticipate that the game should rotate on a romantic tale too. This game may concentrate more on Yara and Lev. Be that as it may, we can’t utter a word without a doubt as no official announcement declared or trailer has been released. Everything we can do now hangs tight for some positive news with respect to the release to drop!