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Godzilla vs Kong: Role Cast Released New Analysis Everything You Need To Know About This.

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The anticipation of the fans is going to get over now! Make yourself available to witness the battle between two giants-the the biggest ape King Kong fights against the Godzilla making it a Godzilla Vs Kong.
As of now, the third movie of the franchise is already out now. Warner Bros is not pushing much against taking out another movie in the franchise. There were some ongoing demands of the fans from long back, there should be a movie which includes the best Vs the best.

Release dates

Before the pandemic hit, the release date for the Kong Vs God was 13th March 2020. Yet, the date took a long leap of two months. Releasing the new dates of 29th May 2020 after Universal Pictures shifted their Fast and Furious franchise to the same date.

The cast of the movie

And the two beasts will be the centric characters of the movie fighting for their legacy. But, there are some of the side characters who also have a strong role in the movie. The star cast might be the same as fans saw in the previous movies. Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Rusell, Kyle Chandler will play the role of Mark Russell. There will be some new characters too like:
Julian Dennison, Brian Tyree Henry, Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall, Lance Reddick, Shun Oguri, Eiza González, and Demián Bichir.
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The film has shown the time when people are going through a lot of sufferings, durability. The two big giants are roaming freely on the earth. These two have been a menace to human beings. The climax deals with the two monsters fighting against each other. The discovery of these giants has also been discovered. The makers have put up a good usage of graphics which will be an amazing experience.


As of now, the trailer of the movie hasn’t been out yet. Also, the makers haven’t made any official statement about that. However, any upcoming official news will be disclosed to everyone as expected. There were some pictures of the sets that were being circulated on social media which may depict the release of the movie on time.