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Is our Karate Kid is okay or is he dealing with problem. Let’s find out the truth behind it and what father Will have to say about it?

We all know who is our Karate Kid, Jaden Smith. He started his career in acting with his first movie with his dad—pursuit of happiness. And the story continues, there were many movies like Karate Kid, after Earth and so on. He switched his career to a rap artist. After that, he had his whole concentration in Music. He also makes a comeback on the acting side of his life in Netflix shows.

We all know there is much rumor related to his health condition. People are claiming that he is going to die because of it. But we can’t confirm such news without any proof. Just like there was a rumor last year. Will Smith and Jaden Smith both died in a car crash. Well, that was fake news, so there should be confirmed news about Jaden’s health.

Source: Snopes

Will Smith confirms that Jaden is dying because of his health condition. Well, this is a confirmation everyone is waiting for. It is a pretty shock to every kid whose role model is Jaden. The reason behind his degrading health is his lack of nutrients. He strangely converted his diet to Vegan only, which results in the lacking of main nutrients.

After Will and Jada talked to him about his health, he visited a Dietitian. He is now on a proper diet, which includes Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and vitamin D. Because of his health, he started growing skinny and had a dark circle around his eyes. He said in an interview after the outbreak of his health news; people started treating him differently.  Well, he is now recovering from the health issues, hope he gets better soon.

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