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What Fans Are Expecting From GTA 6? It will be so expensive? Check when it is coming!

Is GTA 6 ready to release?? Gamers are waiting for their favorite game to strike again. GTA 6 is the most awaited game for a long time. We know there are many questions lurking around. So here’s what we know about GTA 6. Let’s dwell on it.

It is the most awaited game because gamers are waiting for it for seven long years. That’s a lot of time waiting! Though, it’s worth the wait as it is confirmed that GTA will return with a bang.

Finally, the story of GTA 6 is complete. As a result of this, we’ll soon be witnessing the game. The Rockstar game is back and will surely not disappoint you!


According to a report by Kotaku, GTA 6 is in its developmental stage. It was earlier rumored that the game will be released by November 2020. However, that is quite unlikely to happen. According to BGR, fans are most likely to witness the game by 2021. The release date may get pushed back too.

Moreover, it is disappointing, not experiencing it this year. But we have waited for seven long years. Why not wait for some more time? Moreover, there is no official announcement regarding GTA 6 as of now.


GTA will definitely feature more missions in its upcoming version. Gamers are all the more excited about the missions. Moreover, we are likely to witness the following missions in the upcoming version:

  • The Paleto Score
  • Friend Request
  • The Third Way
  • Minor Turbulence
  • The Big Score

In addition to that, GTA 6 is reported to focus more on Vice City and Liberty City. Since there is no confirmation out yet regarding the features, there’s not much to add here though we expect better weapons, a larger map, and some exciting side missions this time.

Fans are excited to know, which character will return in the upcoming GTA 6. However, nothing is out as of now. Rumors are that a female character will be taking the lead though we need to wait for a little to get the exact news.

So this was all about GTA 6. For more such updates, stay tuned with us.