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Is “The Kingdom Season 3” Renewed on Netflix. Finally it is releasing?

Netflix’s most popular anime show, “The Kingdom,” has now finally declared a Season 3 after a long wait of 3 years. The third season will come out in 2020 and will be based on the Coalition Invasion Arc from the Kingdom Manga. The first two seasons were aired in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Since then, there have been positive and negative remarks for the show, but mostly the audiences have been very excited for the third season and are eagerly waiting for this part of the series. However, the producers for the show are still unknown, and it is difficult to find out who will be producing the series.

The writer Yasuhisa Hara writes the story. However, and English translation for this series is yet not been announced. Also, the number of episodes for Season 3 remains unknown along with the exact release date. Hara actually released a drawing for declaring the happening of Season 3.

The official Twitter account for the anime series had confirmed that the Spring of 2020 would release the show. Further to add in the story, the only city left for the Coalition army is Sai, and the third season is expected to start from there. However, the fans will have to wait to know the further details of the show until the release. The audience seems to be very excited for this season, and we wish the makers all the best for their upcoming venture.