Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Release date, cast, plot, spoiler. Is Gamora back to life? Latest updates!

There is something in the Marvel Comics that attracts us as well the makers of the films, and that’s the reason they keep on making its sequel. It is not just the success of the earlier part but also the mystery, thrill, and the journey of the upcoming part, which excites the audience.

One of such Marvel action film is Guardian of the Galaxy. Guardian of the Galaxy is a DC movie, that is, based upon the comic book, which is full of action and adventure. The film was directed by James Gunn and written by James Gunn, Dan Abnett, and Andy Lanning. This film already has two successful part and is coming with its third part.

The release date of Guardians of Galaxy 3

The first part of Guardian of Galaxy released on 1 August 2020 in the United States and earned $772 million worldwide. So due to its success, the maker decided to make the second part and later on, the third part as well. The filming of this film will start in May 2020 and will be releasing somewhere in 2022.

Who will be directing Guardian of Galaxy 3?

There were many rumors and questions were going around the director of this movie, that is, James Gunn. He was the one who directed the earlier parts, and due to some reason, he got dropped from the movie in March 2019. But later, a petition came and was signed by many people, including the cast of the film, which came in favor of James Gunn. So now James Gunn is back, and he will be the one who will direct the third film.

The cast of Guardian of Galaxy 3

The cast is obviously the same in terms of appearance and voice. When it comes to appearance then we will be again seeing Karen Gillian as Nebula, Chris Patt as Peter Quill, Pave Bautista as Drax, Elizabeth Debiki as Ayesha, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dom Kiementieff as Mantis and Sean Gunn as Kraglin. When it comes to voice then Vin Deisel will be giving his voice to Groot and Bradley Cooper to Rocket.

There is an interesting fact regarding the character Adam Warlock. He was supposed to appear in the second part but due to abundant characters already in the second part, he got was removed. So now we can expect to see him in this film. In Avenger Endgame, it was hinted that Thor might come in Guardian of the Galaxy 3. So we can expect to see that as well.

Will Gamora be back?

Well, we all know that death is something which is like a cup of tea in Marvel films. Death is not certain and not expected as well as the coming back from that death too is not certain. We saw Gamora dying, but that death happened in the past time. It means if we calculate time traveling, then Gamora must be alive in the present time.

So there could be chances that she will be coming back. And if Gamora will be back, then we might see her romantic side again with Peter Quill. They are indeed one of the best couples of Marvel!