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Revealed!!! What is the truth about Fantasia Barrino and Simon Cowell’s relationship?

Fantasia Barrino first stood out as truly newsworthy in 2004 after she won the third period of American Idol and beat next in line Diana DeGarmo. Out of nowhere, Barrino had apparently changed from a secondary school dropout who battled with education to a media outlet “it” young lady. She plainly established an incredible connection with the American Idol judges – Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and even Simon Cowell sang her gestures of recognition.

Cowell even called Barrino his “most loved individual” during a meeting with Fox All Access in 2010. “She’s skilled, she returns a seemingly endless amount of time after year the very same individual she was the point at which we initially met her,” he said.

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Be that as it may, in spite of numerous Grammy designations and success in 2011, Barrino’s street to popularity and fortune has been set apart by unrest as well. She titled her 2006 memoir, Life isn’t a Fairytale, and shockingly, the years following its discharge were taking a stab at different fronts. Substance misuse, budgetary troubles — Barrino about lost everything, including her life. During those dim days, talk has it that Cowell acted the hero.

Rhapsody Barrino stood out as truly newsworthy in 2009, when money related troubles put the eventual fate of her home at risk. As indicated by TMZ, she almost lost the North Carolina home since she owed $58,000; however, had the option to maintain a strategic distance from abandonment ultimately. Gossip has it: Simon Cowell dove in to pay her home loan for her.

“Simon would not like to assume any acknowledgment for it, he simply needed to get her out of a sketchy situation,” an unknown source told the National Enquirer (through Celebitchy). “He wanted to stay quiet about his great deed. He would not like to cause Fantasia any further open shame.”

The American Idol star, in the end, tended to all the jabber about Cowell acting the hero. “I am still in my home; it wasn’t dispossession, and no, Simon Cowell didn’t assist me with taking care of any of my tabs. However, I imagined that story was charming,” she told CNN in 2010.

Oh dear, she most likely could have utilized the help. Barrino purchased the six-room house for $1.3 million out of 2007 and, in the end, put the spot available for $800,000 in 2012, revealed TMZ. The next year, she supposedly gave over the deed to the bank, acquiring zero benefits on the property, however, maintain a strategic distance from the dispossession procedure.

Regardless of being known for his unforgiving remarks and salty mien as an appointed authority on American Idol, Simon Cowell couldn’t quit applauding Fantasia Barrino’s ability following her American Idol win.

Cowell’s appraisal demonstrated validly. Barrino discovered accomplishment on the diagrams, the stage, and the screen; figured out how to all the more likely deal with her accounts; began to look all starry eyed at spouse Kendall Taylor, and figured out how to cherish herself.