harry potter new series

By Insta Chronicles

Harry Potter is an American movie based on the novel by author J.K.Rowling. This movie is having a fan of every age considering from kids to old age people who love to watch the ma Click for FULL STORY gic. Harry Potter is the most loved and amazing series for everyone generation. This movie has eight parts first released in 2001to 2011. Now fans are very exciting to watch its ne Click for FULL STORY xt part. Who is Harry Potter and what this movie is all about? Harry Potter is a kid who belongs to school HOGWARTS where all the witchy things taught by witches. Harry Potter and Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY his friends always found themselves in trouble in Hogwarts School but always found a way to get out of trouble. Voldemort who killed Potter’s parents in childhood tries to kill Pot Click for FULL STORY ter in school every year too but Harry Potter killed the Voldemort in the eighth part of this series with his wand. The cast of Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter as Click for FULL STORY he is the main character of the movie. Emma Watson as Hermione Granger is the best friend of Harry Potter. Rupert Grint as Ron Wesley is also the best friend of Harry and Hermione Click for FULL STORY