What did PhewDiePie said to offend Joe Rogan? What was his reaction? Read ahead to find out.

By Insta Chronicles

A few days earlier, Joe Rogan on his podcast shared his thoughts on video games. He thinks of video games to be addicting and a waste Click for FULL STORY of time. Many gamers reacted to this but what got everyone’s attention was when the Youtubes favorite creator PhewDiePie shared his tho Click for FULL STORY ughts on this matter. What did PhewDiePie say about Joe Rogan’s statement? PhewDiePie is offended? Get to know everything about it h Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY ere. PhewDiePie started by his usual nipping remarks on the video of Joe Rogan where is compares Jiu-jitsu to video games. Phew mentio Click for FULL STORY ned that Rogan used an awful example for the subject however he gets what he’s striving to communicate. His one statement really motiv Click for FULL STORY ated the gamers that were “You don’t have to be good at gaming to make a living’. And we have to say this is a really valid point takin Click for FULL STORY