The Last of Us 3 : Will there be a sequel to the Apocalyptic game? All you need to know!

By Insta Chronicles

‘The Last Of Us’ is an incredible tale that has heartbreaking moments, tear jerking scenes and incredible acts from beginning to end. This adventure action horror game begins in the year 2013 in Austin, Click for FULL STORY Texas as we are introduced, Joel and his Daughter Sarah. It is developed by Naughty Dog and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The plot of ‘The Last Of Us’- It starts on a night and later that Click for FULL STORY night, all hell breaks loose, as a mutant fungus ravages the United States causing overwhelming aggression in its human hosts and turning them into creatures called the ‘infected’.Joel, Sarah and Joel’s Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY brother Tommy, remain free from the devastation and chaos that envelopes the country but just as they think they’re safe things take a tragic turn. Over the coming weeks, the infection sweeps across the Click for FULL STORY nation and human civilization completely collapses. 20 years later, Joel is now living in the North End of Boston inside a heavily policed quarantine zone where he is working as a smuggler with his partn Click for FULL STORY er Tess. Joel and Tess are tasked by the firefly leader Marlene with smuggling a teenage girl, named Ellie, out of the city. The Expected Storyline Of ‘ The Last Of Us 3’ Naughty Dog’s willingness to t Click for FULL STORY