Stephanie Lazarus: Where is she now? Accused for Murder: Now Bailed? Exclusive news!!

By Insta Chronicles

Stephanie Lazarus & her story with John Ruetten Stephanie Lazarus was a part of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). She was accused of the murder of the new bride of his ex-boyfriend. Stephanie Lazarus and his ex-boyfriend John Ruetten graduated from the same college, the University of California, Los Angeles. Soon after they met, they came together in an open relationship and stayed as friends for the benefit of quite a long time. Both of the Click for FULL STORY graduating students were fitness enthusiasts and had common ground in various aspects. John Ruetten pursued electrical engineering as his career whereas Stephanie Lazarus applied for Police Academy. Their relationship was going fine until an unexpected event happened after a few years. The incident flipped their lives upside down. As a result of the incident, Stephanie got into jail and John Ruetten lost his bride. Yes, you got it right, it was a mur Click for FULL STORY der; murder of the new bride by the ex-girlfriend who couldn’t control her emotions of rage and jealousy. It was the 1980s when John Ruetten met another girl with whom he fell in love instantly. The name of the girl was Sherri Rasmussen and she was working as a nursing administrator. They both started their journey together as a couple soon by getting engaged within a year. NETFLIX IS READY TO LAUNCH A NEW SHOW- TEENAGE BOUNTY HUNTERS. READ EVERYTHIN Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY G ABOUT IT BELOW! Stephanie Lazarus couldn’t accept the news as she still felt for John. She constantly asked John to call off the marriage but he didn’t agree with her. However, John was persuaded by Stephanie’s request for having sex for the last time. Later on, the very next day Stephanie showed up at Sherri’s hospital and told her about what happened last night between John and her. Sherri was startled after hearing it and was a little afraid aft Click for FULL STORY er seeing her audacity to show up randomly and get this news. The murder mystery The love triangle in the head of Stephanie Lazarus led her to complicate things even more. Soon after she also started stalking Sherri. Sherri got very suspicious of her and felt uncomfortable with all the events happening with her. She also came to their home uninvited and once threatened her by saying “If I can’t have John, no one else will.” On 24 February 1986, the Click for FULL STORY noise was heard from the argument from John’s home by a maid working in a nearby residence. John tried reaching his wife that day by making several phone calls which were unanswered as expected and he was shocked to see the garage door open and Sherri’s BMW gone along with his wife who was lying dead in the living room. No wonder how he took all the scene by seeing his wife dead in front of him lying on the floor. At first, it was suspected that Bur Click for FULL STORY