Shopify sales surges, the business embraced online. Check the full story to know more.

By Insta Chronicles

Shopify is a software that helps you to create a website using their solution. It is a complete commerce platform. It is a Canadian e-commerc Click for FULL STORY e company. And provides services like payment, shipping, marketing and customer engagement. It is an e-commerce store that provides help to v Click for FULL STORY arious stores to sell their product online, which is like very helpful in COVID-19 situation. The first-quarter revenue listed, the business Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY went smooth during the lockdown. The sales of the company grew by 47 per cent to the US $470 million. The Shopify accepted the details on We Click for FULL STORY dnesday. It is now the leading commerce website. Obviously, the company is going to boost during Pandemic. Because of the lockdown, mostly t Click for FULL STORY he shops are closed. The only way to shop is to do it only. And That’s where Shopify starts boosting its customers. The chief executive Tobi Click for FULL STORY