Seis Manos Season 2 Release date out?: Good News!! Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

By Insta Chronicles

Seis Manos the Mexican- American animation series created under the Team at Powerhouse Animation. After the end of the first season, fans are desperately waiting for a new season. The second season of Seis Manos is expected to soon air on Netflix. However, there is nothing officially announced yet. Still, whatever information we have regarding the renewal of the show you can find it here in this article. Keep reading the article further to find every explicit detail regarding the Seis Manos season 2. Seis Manos is a Netflix original series. Click for FULL STORY The animation has been created by Brad Grader and Álvaro Rodríguez. The animation is an original American-Mexican animation series. The series was made under the production of Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania). The show being from Mexican animation has been judged by many people. However, the storyline of the series is as fantastic as any other animation series. In the story, the three characters who are orphaned join a DEA agent to take revenge on their beloved mentor. Three of them are orphans and are martial art warriors. They live in th Click for FULL STORY e fictional town of San Simon, in the timeline of 1970, Mexico. Seis Manos Season 2 Release date So, here we are talking about the release date of Seis Manos Season 2. We consider that the Seis Manos will be renewed. Not looking forward to seeing the second season for a long time. If this series follows the same release schedule as Castlevania then season 2 won’t be available until 2021. In between the 1st and 2nd season, there were 15 months of Castlevania. For the fans of this anime Those who are fans of this anime are used to the long w Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY ait. But we hope that Sis Manos fans get to hear some good news soon. The question about the renewal of the Seis Manos is what every fan of the series is asking lately. The animation series is in the hands of Netflix and there is nothing announced from their side. Fans want to have another season of the animation series. They have also started a campaign in Change.Org. Click for FULL STORY The release date of Seis Manos Season 2 is not confirmed yet. However, if Seis Manos gets a renewal for Seis Manos Season 2 we will positively see that later in 2021. There has been nothing announced from the side of the officials. In that case, we can only wait for the Seis Manos Season 2. The production work of Seis Manos, unfortunately, takes time because of which we can expect the Seis Manos Season 2 at the end of 2021. The second season of Click for FULL STORY Castlevania took almost fifteen months to air after the first season. However, the production is currently working on another intense animation series. If you like to watch more animation series from the same creators. You can watch the following animation series: Blood of Zeus (2020) Master of the Universe: Revelation (2021) Heaven’s forest (TBA) Death Note Season 2 (CONFIRMED!?) Seis Manos Season 2: Plot Fans are very excited for the Seis Manos Season 2. They are positively waiting for the new season of the animation series. However, Click for FULL STORY