Real reason is revealed! Robert Trump, younger brother of Donald Trump passes away at the age of 71.

By Insta Chronicles

Robert Trump’s demise has shaken up the whole Trump family. He did not die of the virus but because of a long term illness. R.I.P Robert Trump, it is always sad to h Click for FULL STORY ear the news of someone close, leaving us forever. Source: ROBERT TRUMP He died on 15th August just 11 days before his 72nd birthday, i.e. on 26th Augu Click for FULL STORY st. Robert was in the family business and is the child of Fred and Mary Trump. He was married to Blaine Beard, however, got divorced in 2007. Fred and Mary Trump had Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY four children – Fred Trump Jr, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Trump, and Maryanne Trump. Robert always supported his brother Donald even when he decided to run for President Click for FULL STORY . He was known to be modest, generous, and a reserved person and said to be completely opposite of Donald. Robert had recently got married in March 2020 to his long t Click for FULL STORY ime secretary Ann Pallan. Unfortunately, he passed away in New York Hospital after four months of his second marriage. Source: DONALD TRUMP Preside Click for FULL STORY