Pop Star Katy Perry postpones her new album “Daisies” because of “unavoidable production work”

By Insta Chronicles

American pop star Katy Perry announced that her new album “smile” is postponed for August 28 for two nearly two weeks because of some production work. Announcement Click for FULL STORY of the new album: Katy Perry announced her new album through a short clipping of Alexa telling. “Katy asked me to tell you that her new album is going to release o Click for FULL STORY n August 14. make sure you follow Katy perry on amazon music.” it’s her first new album after three years following 2017’s witness and many other singles the consec Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY utive years like “never really over,” “Harleys in Hawai,” “small talk.” The album is said to be released through a live stream for three days, hosted by video chat Click for FULL STORY app house party, and Katy will be joining other stars likeSnoop Dogg, Zooey Deschanel, and 2 Chainz. On Friday 15th July, the singer released her title track song “ Click for FULL STORY daisies” with live performance accompanied by an amazon Q/A session. the album is named “smile” and said to consist of 12 tracks. Delay of “smile”: the singer was Click for FULL STORY