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Next Youngin is an American-rapper and a good high personality on social media. Next Youngin is one of the best hip-hop recording artists who is well-known for her rap songs singles. Next Youngin is famous for her song “3 Musketeers” which was recorded in September 2020. She collaborated with rapper Ppcocaine for this song. The real name of Next Youngin is Nya Kilgore. She is 22 years old and was born on March 6, 1999. She is a rapper and was born in the United States. She is having about 5 feet 3-inch height. She holds American nationality with the Christian religion. Her zodiac sign is P Click for FULL STORY isces whose element is water. Pisces like music and sleeping. Pisces zodiac sign people don’t like cruelty. Mariah Riddlesprigger: The Outstanding Scholar, The Athlete, The wife of the NBA superstar, All in one and much more, read now!!! — Classic editor Next Youngin Appearance and Age Next Youngin is 22 years old and has brown eyes with brown wavy hairs. She has approximately 50 kg weight and 5 feet 3-inch height. Her height is approximate because she always had taken pictures from moderate places and had balanced her weight very well. She is a very sporty person. She is diet conscious p Click for FULL STORY erson. She balanced her diet by eating clean organic food. She has many tattoos on her body of different varieties. Next Youngin Family and Education Next Youngin has an Afro-American family and a sibling. She belongs to the black ethnicity. She never discussed her education since she was always passionate about her American music industry but she is high school graduated and did further study at the local school of America. Next Youngin Achievements Next Youngin was always passionate about hip-hop rapping and singing. She had started her career by uploading her video on social media pl Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY atforms like youtube and Tik Tok. She tried hard and get her designation on Tik Tok. She posted many videos and pictures on Instagram post. Next Youngin got more than 9.7 million likes and 533 thousand followers on Tik Tok. It was such a positive response for her through Tik Tok. While she was uploading her video on youtube too. She got more than 9 thousand subscribers on youtube. Next Youngin has more than 156 thousand followers on Instagram too. It was hard for her too in starting like everyone else. She didn’t let her courage down. And with her hard work and courage, she gets this. She Click for FULL STORY always believed in herself and her singing voice. She didn’t lose her hope and was determined for getting this much fame. She did lots of things to get this fame and got to know about many things and become this popular American hip-hop rapper. Discography Next Youngin made her debut in the music industry with her song “3 Musketeers” which was released in September 2020. It was released with the collaboration of another popular rapper Ppcocaine. The real name of rapper Ppcocaine is ‘Lillian Catherine Diomi’. This song is heard by everyone on her youtube channel too. But the main reason fo Click for FULL STORY r her success was Tik Tok. Her various songs got featured on Tik Tok videos and gained lots of views and positive responses. She got lots of like there. Next Youngin Net worth Next Youngin didn’t discuss anything about her income yet in front of the public. But as per information, her income is USD 50,000. She earns from youtube and Instagram. A Lot of Deadly bacteria found in aromatherapy products sold at Walmart, Dangerous — Classic editor Next Youngin physical appearance and love life Next Youngin likes to dress like a boy. Seeing her Instagram account anyone can tell that how much s Click for FULL STORY