Love Alarm Season 2: Kim So-Hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang to return with the tech Korean drama. Release Date, Cast and updates

By Insta Chronicles

Love alarm is a K-drama series that involves a love triangle and a technology that enables people to find love. The show is available on Netflix. Click for FULL STORY Its first season was aired in 2019 and the fans are eagerly waiting for its next season since the cast revealed its status in October last year. H Click for FULL STORY ere’s the video. About the show: The storyline is great. It’s not the usual K-drama storyline. Love Alarm plots a world where a technology notif Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY ies people if somebody in their vicinity has romantic feelings for them. This technology empowers users to locate love. We have the usual love tr Click for FULL STORY iangle but something so unique about this drama is how Sun-oh doesn’t feign his feelings for Jo Jo. He’s outright about it, even from the beginnin Click for FULL STORY g and I’m sure that’s what captured audiences. The striking and obviously daring personality that Sun-oh showed is enough to get anyone hooked. Hye Click for FULL STORY