[Leaked] The Blacklist season 8 New episode twist !!! Are you ready to watch the crime-thriller series?

By Insta Chronicles

The crime series ‘The Blacklist’ directed by Joe Carnahan is coming up with season-8. It created curiosity and made its fans to experience a worthy Click for FULL STORY crime thriller. After giving 7 seasons with 252 episodes successfully, the series is going to rock its eighth season. About ‘The Blacklist’ : ‘The Click for FULL STORY Blacklist’ is an American crime thriller television series launched on NBC, an American television network. It was created by Jon Bokencamp. Since Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY NBC renewed the series for an eighth season on February 20, 2020, it is expected to be released this year. pic credit- The Inner Sane A quick reca Click for FULL STORY p: Raymond “Red” Reddington is the former U.S.Navy officer who turned as a high-profile criminal. Later he voluntarily surrendered to the FBI after Click for FULL STORY escaping from capture for decades. He insisted to work with Elizabeth Keen, an FBI profiler. Because he was willing to inform a list of the most da Click for FULL STORY