John Woods Jordyn Woods: Who are they? What is the story? Scandal? Exclusive News!

By Insta Chronicles

About Jordyn Woods John Woods Jordyn Woods: Jordyn Woods is the daughter of John Woods and is an American Model. She is an ex-friend of Kylie Jenner. Her motto is body positivity and ranks high among the popular models. She has her influence on social media too. She has an 11.9M fan following on Instagram. Her parents have been constantly supporting her on her modelling journey. She gives them the credit for her success. Jor Click for FULL STORY dyn Woods’ mother John Woods Jordyn Woods: The mother of Jordyn Woods is Elizabeth Woods. She runs a company as a brand manager and PR head. She also influences Jordyn’s career. After the scandal, it’s tough for all of them to step out of their home so she avoids public places. She is the manager at Mixed Image Media. Just like her daughter she also has a great social media fan base and updates it regularly. Her social media h Click for FULL STORY andle is the prof of the friendship of Woods and Kardashians. Elizabeth also mentioned them as a family in one of her comment. HALLE BERRY WESLEY SNIPES: UNTOLD TRUTH!!! RELATIONSHIP: WHAT’S THE REALITY? WAS IT ABUSIVE? WHAT’S THE SHOCKING TRUTH??? Jordyn Woods’ father John Woods Jordyn Woods: The father of Jordyn is John Woods. He is an engineer by profession and has worked with Will Smith in his early career life. They are Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY really close friends until today. The piece he worked on with Smith was ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ He worked as a sound engineer. Their friendship somehow relates to their friendship with Kardashians. Her relationship with her father and ‘second father’ John Woods Jordyn Woods: They had a great bond or you can say a strong connection between them. John Woods Jordyn Woods also had a relationship with Will Smith and their fa Click for FULL STORY mily. She calls Will her second father. The families are extremely close and share their time, happiness and sorrows. This all started when John and Will met first on the set of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ Jordyn’s mother as her Talent Manager John Woods Jordyn Woods: As we know she works with Mixed Image Media; she is also having the duty to take responsibility for her daughter. Elizabeth is her Talent Manager. She defend Click for FULL STORY ed her daughter from the companies who wanted their profit out of the scandal that happened between the two families, Woods and Kardashians. She posted a photo of Jordyn with the caption, “We are well aware that many people have been selling merch… We would like for the world to know that we have not authorized any of this and have not profited from any of these sales whatsoever. Thank you for all the support and love.” John W Click for FULL STORY