John Callahan’s Ex-wife:- someone broke his home and stoles his personal belongings from his house!!

By Insta Chronicles

John Callahan, a fabulous actor, who could anything to do his acting at his best. In this year March, John Callahan passed away due to Click for FULL STORY the heartstroke. His family, wife Eva are still overcoming from this heart whelming loss. Actor’s wife Eva told that his death news hea Click for FULL STORY rtbroken to them. After this very big heart whelming moment, there is something bad happen to his family. The news is revealed by Eva th Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY at after his funeral someone suspect broke his house and stole all belongings. What do you think who could do this? Who would be the cu Click for FULL STORY lprit? Don’t know. Then let’s move to the other segment to know all story. Who stoles John Callahan’s belongings? Eva and her daughter Click for FULL STORY Kaya is dealing with this sudden loss of her father/ husband. In an interview with FOX, Eva states that her daughter is crying. And she Click for FULL STORY