Is Katie Holmes secretly dating James Marsden after splitting with Jamie Foxx? Read the whole story here.

By Insta Chronicles

Katie Holmes after splitting with Jamie Foxx has a been quite a buzzing single lady in the town. They split in May last year and their last appearance was at Met Gal Click for FULL STORY a. The year to follow has seen Kate holmes being linked to a number of the actress in the industry, the latest one being James Marsden. After her breakup Katie, hers Click for FULL STORY elf has not given an official flag to any linkups yet and we know that all those flying news about her linking up with some or the other actors were just rumours. S Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY he has spent quality time in the meanwhile with her Daughter fro Jamie Foxx nad even posted photos o her social media Handles. read the whole story about Katie Holme Click for FULL STORY sā€™ Linkups and how she is allegedly flirting now with James Marsden. Let us first have a look at this video which explains why Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx broke up Click for FULL STORY following their 6-year long relationship ā€“ Reportedly Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx after having a child decided to split because of irreconcilable differences. They Click for FULL STORY