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There is a concept of a double and triple threat in acting. This person is a double threat. He is an actor as well as a singer. He is known for playing the role of Barto in the series Shameless. His name is Ethan Cutkosky. He is an extremely hardworking person. Ethan Cutkosky has struggled very hard to land his first acting gig. After his first, he has never looked back. He is present in showbiz since he was 18 and has still got that passion fo Click for FULL STORY r striving more. Let’s move forward and see how tall is Ethan Cutkosky and by tall not only his height but also his successful reach and the tallness of his work. Who is Ethan Cutkosky? Full name is Ethan Frances Cutkosky. Ethan Cutkosky is an American actor and singer. He is has started his career at an early age. He has struggled in the early part of his struggle and landed with his first role in Fred Claus in 2 0 0 7. Further, we will know ho Click for FULL STORY w tall is Ethan Cutkosky, about his family, and other things. Ethan Cutkosky birthday, birthplace, age, zodiac sign, day of birth Ethan Cutkosky was born on 1 9 August 1 9 9 9. He was born and raised in St. Charles Illinois, United States. Ethan Cutkosky is 2 2 years old. His zodiac sign is Leo. He is leading in his life and shows all the characteristics of a Leo. Further, we will se how tall is Ethan Cutkosky. He was born on a Thursday. How t Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY all is Ethan Cutkosky, his weight and body stats Ethan Cutkosky is 5 feet 4 inches in height and 1 6 3 in centimeters. His weight is 3 8 kgs and 84 lbs. his eyes are blue. His hair color is brown. His body structure is an average body structure. Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Languages are spoken, complexion Ethan Cutkosky’s nationality is American. Ethan’s mother is of Mexican descent. So his ethnicity is Caucasian. He is religiously Christ Click for FULL STORY ian. His complexion is white. He is bilingual, which means he speaks two languages. Those are Spanish and English. Ethan Cutkosky family, siblings Ethan Cutkosky is the only child of his parents and doesn’t have any siblings. His mother is a teacher, her name is Yvonne Cabrera Cutkosky. She is of Mexican descent. His father is a software engineer. His name is David Cutkosky. Ethan Cutkosky education Cutkosky completed his elementary schooling Click for FULL STORY in Bell Graham elementary school. This school is located in Campton Hills, Illinois. After that, he completed his middle school at Thompson Middle school, in St. Charles Illinois. His high school was St. Charles east High School in St. Charles Illinois. Nothing is known of his college or university days. How Tall Is Funnymike, Net Worth, Relationship, Career, Age, Birthday, Youtube, Rapper, Family, Kids Ethan Cutkosky career Ethan made his deb Click for FULL STORY