Have You Tried Building Your Own TV Channels in Plex?

By Insta Chronicles

Image: Plex, Alex Cranz/Gizmodo A wise colleague once told me I should never have anything on in the background just to have it on. He’s probably right, but I still like to pop on a show while I’m cooking dinner, tidying up, Click for FULL STORY or working on home improvement projects. The noise is soothing to me, but cable, with its weird programming choices and commercials, is not. A new service, dizqueTV, is now available (for those brave enough to try out untested Click for FULL STORY software) to help you create TV channels that pull content from what you already have on hand. My solution for the last few years has been to just create a playlist of shows and let it run on a cycle in Plex, but dizqueTV sh Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY ould be a much more robust option. dizqueTV is a fork of pseudoTV-plex, which is itself a fork of PseudoTV, a service available for Kodi users. One of the major differences, for now, is that dizqueTV should handle multiple vide Click for FULL STORY o file formats more smoothly that pseudoTV-plex does (my adventures with ripping and encoding in the 2000s continues to pain my Plex library). Like those services, dizqueTV should give you the ability to create whole channels Click for FULL STORY of content that are always running and better mimic the live TV experience than a simple playlist can. So if you want a channel that plays nothing but The Simpsons and King of the Hill episodes from the ‘90s, you can make that Click for FULL STORY