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By Insta Chronicles

Shante Monique Broadus’s recent Instagram post. The philanthropist and a very popular entrepreneur – Shante Monique Broadus has been grabbing more attention for a while. Recently Click for FULL STORY the social media users have been talking about her (Shante Monique Broadus) a lot about her uploaded photos. She never misses an opportunity to impress her fans with her beautiful Click for FULL STORY charming looks. She is the beloved wife of a very particular famous rapper named Snoop Dogg. In order to keep updated about her lifestyle and all ongoing events in her life, she Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY is usually found uploading photos and videos of her in her official social media account. Shante Monique has managed all over these years to try all kinds of fashion styles, due t Click for FULL STORY o which she is very popular among social media users. Before some days, the feed of Instagram users got flooded with the bunny suit photographs of the mentioned philanthropist – Click for FULL STORY Snoop’s better half. In that photo of her, she looked perfectly beautiful with that bunny suit. That suit was of black color though. That black suit had a pair of coolest bunny ea Click for FULL STORY