As Presidential Elections are coming near Joe Biden and Donald Trump are proposing relief packages to win. After Trump now Joe Biden has proposed his plan.

By Insta Chronicles

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting with each other to win this year’s elections. The most important is peoples’ votes and both of them are trying hard to win votes. After Donal Click for FULL STORY d Trump signed his relief package, Biden also announced his initiative. JOE BIDEN’S PLAN Joe Biden’s package is a better answer to Donald’s one, he came up with the ‘Monthly Econom Click for FULL STORY ic Crisis Support Act’. This act was introduced in the month of May and if the Democratic Party wins, the bill will pass. The bill was given by Senators Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY , and Ed Markey. As we know Harris is running mate so the passing of the bill should not be an issue if won. Source: The bill states that every individual in Americ Click for FULL STORY a is eligible to get $2000, a married couple who have joint accounts of $4000, and $2000 to each child up to three children. These payments to Americans will be calculated from the m Click for FULL STORY onth of March when the pandemic started. It is said the payment will also continue till 3 months after the pandemic is over to give stability. That means each individual will get $12 Click for FULL STORY