A newly married beautiful couple have been made fun of their choice of cake style and design. Click here and get to know everything about what reddit users have to say about this.

By Insta Chronicles

All about a Wedding Cake – Unique one. Recently the news of the wedding special cake has been rotating around. Yes, you heard it right!. A cake with its unique design Click for FULL STORY and style has been grabbing a lot of attention lately. A newly married couple ordered a cake that went viral since it was posted on the social media site. The couple h Click for FULL STORY as been bearing a lot of criticism lately due to that look of the cake. They didn’t have any idea that because of their choice they will be receiving such criticism. The Click for FULL STORY ">Click for FULL STORY y both had no idea that soon they will be on the trending list because of that cake. The cake they had desired was of a style that includes cattle brand. One of the co Click for FULL STORY usins of the newly married couple revealed that the bride was completely disturbed when she first had the look of the cake. They were planning for a wedding like a count Click for FULL STORY ry bumpkin so accordingly, they had ordered that cake. But it seems as the plan went to vain after the look of the cake was revealed by a guest. Before ordering that c Click for FULL STORY