Spotify Premium APK { Latest Version } [ Mod Apk ] Fast Download.

Are Looking for Spotify premium apk?? then here is the right place for you!!! The experience of listening to music has changed a lot over the years. And Spotify has surely given us a topmost and amazing experience while listening to our favorite tracks. It is one of the most used apps used for binging to music. It consists of music from various parts of the world, which no one has heard of. This June Spotify had over 140 million active users. It has so many features that are still unknown to the audience. Lots of better features are still hidden or known by only a few people. The features are mostly user friendly and make the experience of listening to music more personalized and fun.

Here is some list of features that Spotify Premium APK is giving you:

Want to know about every hidden Spotify feature? Read ahead to get all the information.

1. Better sound quality- The quality of music on Spotify is superior. It gives you the option to stream to music online. Or if you have its premium, you can download the albums you like and listen to it offline. If you are facing any problems in the streaming quality you can fix it. By going to settings then music quality and then choose the option in which you would like to listen to your music.

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2. Make playlist folders (PC only)- If you want to create different playlists and keep it in one folder you can do it too. You can go to File and then click on New Playlist Folder to have your own playlist in one place.

3. Get back a playlist you deleted– Accidentally deleted your Playlist? Spotify premium apk has a solution for that too. It happens sometimes that we click accidentally on the screen where we shouldn’t have and if that happens with you too. That’s not a problem because Spotify has got you covered. You can get back your deleted playlist by going on Spotify’s website than going to Account settings and then clicking on the Recover playlist. And there you go you have your Playlist back.

4. Go to Song or Artist Radio and find similar tunes of your taste-  If you are a person that likes to listen to a certain genre of songs which are similar then its the feature for you. This feature provides you with songs that are the same in genres and is similar to your taste.

5. Turn on private listening mode and enjoy your privacy-  Sometimes we don’t want everyone to know what we are listening to and this the feature for that. if you want to keep your songs private. After you can go to file and then private session and there you go.

6. Use your voice to listen to music-  If you don’t know how to spell a word of the music you want to listen to. You can simply press the search button. And say it and Spotify will give you all the songs of that name.

Spotify Premium APK { Latest Version } [ Mod Apk ] Fast Download.

Now you can see the Lyrics of the songs that you are listening to.

Get to know how you can access them in the Spotify Premium Apk?

You can now see the lyrics of the song too. But the feature is only limited to certain songs for now. Here’s how you can access it with soundhound app.

There is a now playing bar at the bottom of the screen. After you expand it you will see a behind the lyrics section that will present you the lyrics of the music you are listening at that time. It will have all the information about the song. If you can not access it. Afterwards, you can install the SoundHound app and then link it to your Spotify account. And whenever you want to know the lyrics of any of the song you can simply go to the SoundHound app and tap on listening and it will automatically sense the song and will give you the lyrics of the same.

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The app also has features like No ads, unlimited skips, etc. Now, you can enjoy every feature that Spotify Premium APK has and enhance your music experience with these tips.

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