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Stephen Danny Downs Today: Where is he today? Where are their children.

Stephen Danny Downs is the son of Diane Downs, an American citizen accused of killing her two children in the neighborhood of their Springfield, Oregon home. Stephen is paralyzed from the waist down. Diane’s accusation and subsequent events have raised many questions about the motive and the reality behind the incident.

It’s not hard to see that Diane Downs is one of the most famous female murderers in history. But, what often gets overlooked are her children; those who died and survived the shooting attack on their family when they were small. When it came time for the ’20/20′ interview with Steve Downs -her ex-husband- he refused to speak publicly about his feelings towards his former wife or how she was sentenced to life in prison without parole because this would be too “upsetting” for him and innocent daughter Sherryl (who wasn’t even two years old at the time).

Stephen (Danny) downs Today: where is he??

Stephen (Danny) downs

Background of Diane Downs

Diane Downs is infamous as a child killer, but the exact motive for the murder remains unspecified. She has been married twice. Her reputation has spread far and wide, leading to many questions about her past and her relationships.

Summary of Diane Downs’ Personal Life

Marital Status Married twice
Convictions Kidnapped; life in jail
Occupation Postal worker
Religion Devout Christian

Stephen Danny Downs and Story Behind The Murder

In the early hours of October 23, Stephen Danny Downs was brutally murdered. His body was found in a ditch near his home in Independence, Missouri. He had been stabbed more than 30 times and his throat had been slit.

The investigation into his murder uncovered a shocking story of family betrayal and sexual abuse. It also revealed that Downs may have been targeted because of his sexuality.

Downs was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 4, 1957. He was the youngest of four children. His father, Robert, was a salesman and his mother, Ruby, was a homemaker.

Downs grew up in a religious household. His parents were active members of the Church of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Downs was raised to believe that being gay was a sin.

In his teens, Downs began to experiment with his sexuality. He had sexual relationships with both men and women. He also started to cross-dress and became interested in drag culture.

The Murder Incident

In 1983, Diane Downs took her three children to the emergency room, where one was pronounced dead, and the other two were gravely injured. She claimed to have been attacked on a remote country road.

Children’s Details

Name Age Status
Danny 8 Injured; paralyzed
Christie 7 Injured; later testified
Cheryl 3 Deceased

Downs’ family was not accepting of his sexuality. His father tried to “cure” him by sending him to conversion therapy. When that failed, Downs was disowned by his family.

He left home at the age of 18 and moved to Independence, Missouri. He changed his name to Stephen Danny Downs and began living as a gay man. Downs worked as a bartender and waiter at various restaurants in Independence. He was well-liked by those who knew him. In the early 1980s, Downs met a man named Roger Wolfe. The two began dating and soon Wolfe moved in with Downs. Wolfe was abusive towards Downs. He would often beat him and force him to have sex. Downs was too afraid to leave Wolfe because he feared he would be killed. The abuse continued for years. In 1988, Wolfe raped Downs’ 11-year-old nephew. He also began sexually abusing Downs’ 6-year-old niece. Downs was aware of the abuse but were too scared to report it to authorities. He later said that he felt “trapped” and “helpless.”

The point when Stephen (Danny) downs Today to meet his love:

As we all know that love is beautiful and blind. it never sees the caste, community, and culture. when someone falls in love they forgot about everything. the same happened with Elizabeth Diane and Stephen (Danny) downs Today. this story starts when both of them study in school. Whenever we start talking about Stephen’s (Danny) downs Today the forever thought that comes to our mind is Elizabeth Diane. His journey starts with Elizabeth Diane. Stephen (Danny) downs Today is a normal guy who lives in phoenix in Arizona city near moon valley high school, he studied at this school. Where she met with Elizabeth Diane for the very first time. He was included in the rear people who saw Elizabeth Diane as a very graceful beautiful and independent woman, not as an unknown person she met with him like ok a very normal graceful independent lady. And that meeting was that impactful so that they both will attract to each other. That first meeting was not ended there. And from that meeting, their relationship started very soon. Scheme into a deep relationship very quickly without having a thought process of this world. They were in a very beautiful relationship with each other. But both of them don’t know about their destinies.

Stephen (Danny) downs Today

Timeline of Diane and Steve Downs’ Relationship

Event Year
Met at school N/A
Married 1973
First child (Christie Ann) 1974
Second child (Cheryl Lynn) 1976
Third child (Stephen Daniel) 1979
Separation (suspected affair) N/A


As they grew up and completed their High school studies they get separated because of their reasons. Steve wants to join the Navy so he went there Elizabeth Diane is from a very strict religious and cultural family background so she has to go to pacific Bible College. it was very difficult for both of them to get separated or apart from each other but because of some reason they have to. Diane’s parents were very strict so they decided to keep her with them while completing graduation. They have a lot of aspirations and Hopes for their daughter Elizabeth Diane. But face difficulties arises in their lives. Elizabeth Diane’s parents I was looking for a future without Steve. Both are not ready to accept their relationship. They disapprove of their relationship which was a heartbroken time for both of them. But then never know the future. So after completing her graduation Diane returned home. And she paired with this Steve again.

They decided very soon that, they will live together forever. CEO Elizabeth Diane runs from his house and is married to Stephen down. On November 13 in the year 1973, the couple becomes officially a pair. Married each other but they also don’t know what will be going to happen in the future. Their love is limitless but the conditions were not according to them. Steam was very immature and irresponsible. And as time is passing his irresponsibility and immaturity come out. So to resolve the issues between them they started their family. By having a thought process that Steve will understand his responsibilities and become more responsible and their bond will also become strong. Christie Ann their first child she born in 1974. And in 1979 Stephen Daniel was born. but after putting in a lot of effort their marriage was not as successful as expected. in 1980 they got diverse and got separated from each other. Steve started living his life with their two children’s and left their son Stephen Daniel. As Steve thinks that he is not his child. He is the result of Elizabeth Diane’s extramarital affair.
but after this, a phase of life came in their life which was the crime done by Steve. In 1983 Steve got ready to cooperate with the police. Because of keeping a shotgun with them Diane and Steve both were suspected. But when police investigate Diane downs was the prime suspect.

Race for the justice

Stephen (Danny) downs Today

Judges shifted both the surviving kids into police custody to protect them. As their siblings are killed brutally. Their siblings were killed by a shotgun. Someone shoot them many times. That incident was horrible for both of the survival kids. It took a lot of time to come out of that incident. now they are living a normal life but still, that horror dream came in front of their eyes. As that was unforgettable for both of them. the partition of their parents was not supposed to be done. A problem starts from there. People said that kids always deny going to their father as he is not mature enough and well-equipped so he can take care of them. And kids are right.

Know who is Diane Downs’s ex-husband Steve?

Steve down was going to attend Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, which is in Phoenix Arizona, and also meets Diane Down during the 70 s. So if I tell about Cinemaholic also get a pair who had a brief high school romance before he graduated and he was going to be forced to go their separate ways. After that, he was going to join the Navy while attending the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College. But after that, a year below was going to ask strictly to leave religious school due to  “promiscuity” and also a pair to reconnect in Arizona.

Stephen (Danny) downs Today:

Stephen (Danny) downs

according to the source we came to know that Stephen (Danny)downs Today were living a hidden life in Arizona. He wants to escape from the eyes of the public. And also in interviews, Stephen (Danny) downs Today never talked about his Ex-wife. Nobody knows exactly where is he now. What Stephen (Danny) downs Today are doing nobody has any clue about it.

Current Status of the Family

Stephen Danny Downs, 42, continues his daily life, maintaining privacy about his personal and marital life. Christie Downs, now 46, has undergone surgery and lives out of town with her family, including a daughter named Cheryl, after her deceased sister.

Impact Of PAst on Future

The life of Stephen (Danny) downs Today was full of twisted thrillers and dramas. He saw every face of life at a very early age. His life in itself is a mystery of thrills. From the beginning to the end everything is not easy for him at all. From falling in love to getting married has a separate long journey itself. Everything that happened to him is not normal. He saw many ups and downs in his life. When it started his relationship with love was limitless. They were in a deep relationship with each other. But when they got separated problems were huge. To come out of all those situations was a very difficult task. Even if he wants to live his life normally now it is not possible. What has done in his past it is not forgettable.


We don’t know what this person is doing now, but we do know that he was living a hidden life in Arizona. He wants to escape from the eyes of the public and never talked about his Ex-wife in interviews. If you have any ideas on where Stephen’s (Danny) downs Today may be or what he’s up to these days, let us know!

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