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Secret Class Chapter 169: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read? Union As Su-Ah will Join In The Action?

There’s something exciting about a secret. Maybe it’s the thrill of knowing something that others don’t, or the feeling of being in on something special. Whatever it is, it’s undeniable that secrets hold a certain allure. That’s why the concept of a secret class is so intriguing. Imagine slipping away to a hidden classroom, away from prying eyes and the expectations of the outside world. This class is exclusive, and reserved only for those who know the password or the location. Inside, you’ll find a community of like-minded individuals eager to learn and share knowledge. Perhaps it’s a language class, where you can finally conquer that difficult tongue you’ve always wanted to speak. Or maybe it’s a special lecture series on a niche topic that’s always fascinated you. Whatever the subject, the secret class is a place where you can learn, grow, and connect with others who share your passions.

Secret Class Chapter 169: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read? Union As Su-Ah will Join In The Action?

Are You Keeping Up With Secret Class Chapter 168?

In Secret Class Chapter 168, we witness the intense continuation of the provocative tale of Dohee and Jihyuk. The two have been growing closer and closer throughout the series, and tensions are undoubtedly high as their taboo relationship progresses. However, in recent chapters, we’ve seen a shift towards a more emotional connection between the two, and this chapter is no exception. As Dohee opens up to Jihyuk about her past, we can’t help but be drawn in by the depth of their bond. With each passing chapter, the story grows more tantalizing, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Release Date:

Fans of the popular manhwa series, Secret Class, can mark their calendars for the release of chapter 169! On April 22 and 23, 2023, readers in select regions can finally dive into the next thrilling installment of the story. Will the main characters continue to navigate their forbidden romance? How will they deal with the challenges and obstacles that come their way? The anticipation is palpable, as readers eagerly anticipate the latest developments in this exciting tale. Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Secret Class Chapter 169.

  1. West Coast of the United States – 7:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
  2. Central America and Canada – 9:00 AM CDT
  3. East Coast of the United States – 10:00 AM EDT
  4. Britain – 5:00 PM BST
  5. India – 8:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)
  6. Singapore – 11:00 PM Singapore Time (SGT)
  7. Philippines – 11:00 PM Philippine Standard Time (PST)
  8. Japan – Midnight Japan Standard Time (JST)
  9. Korea – Midnight Korea Standard Time (KST)
  10. Eastern Australia – 2:00 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) on April 23, 2023

Secret Class Chapter 169: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read? Union As Su-Ah will Join In The Action?


What can we expect in Secret Class chapter 169? With the thrilling events of the last installment still fresh in our minds, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next. Will Jihyuk and Dohee finally embrace their feelings for one another? Will tensions between them rise as they attempt to navigate this delicate relationship? We also know that Su-Ah will likely join in the action, so we can be sure that things are going to get interesting. Will she further complicate the situation or will her presence bring a resolution? All these questions and more will hopefully be answered as we dive into Secret Class chapter 169.

Where To Read:

Those who are excited to experience this thrilling manhwa can find Secret Class chapters on the official Webtoon website or through the mobile app. Secret Class chapter 169 and all other future installments will be available for free as soon as they are released, so be sure to check back often! Other websites like MangaPlus also offer free access to the series. Be sure to read up and stay in the know about all the exciting events in Secret Class.

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