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Extracurricular Season 2 (New Episodes to come Soon)!! | Korean Drama | Netflix Release Date Out!

 Extracurricular Season 2 is among those Korean dramas that fans have been eagerly waiting for almost a year now. Other than the zombie horror Korean drama-  Kingdom, what caught the attention of several horrors loving Korean drama fans recently, is Extracurricular. It is not exactly a horror drama, Extracurricular Season 2 is more of a dark drama series. It shows the dark side of the teenage years. Directed by Kim Jin-min, produced by Studio 329, starring Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Ju-Hyun, Nam Yoon-soo, Choi Min-soo, Park Hyuk-Kwon, and Kim Yeo-jin, it gained immense popularity and bagged pretty good ratings with its release. Netflix first announced the production of this Korean drama television series through a press conference on April 22nd, 2019. The one-season, ten-episode Korean drama came out in late April 2020.

 Extracurricular Season 2


Extracurricular activities look good on your high school certificate, but not the types featured in this dark teen Korean television drama- Extracurricular. The main character or the protagonist of our story is a teenage boy named Jisoo. Jisoo struggles to do well in school so that he can get admission into a good college, and finally end up with a great job and good pay. His aim in life is basically to do well, at least better than his parents. And for this, he needs a lot of money, since higher education is not very cheap and he does have certain financial boundaries.

So to fulfill his goal, he involves himself in certain ‘extracurricular activities relating to the wrong side of the law. He supports himself by coordinating and supporting some young sex workers with the help of a voice disguise and the power of the internet. The sex workers have no idea that he is a young high school student and thus refer to him as “uncle”. Initially, it had been easy for him to keep his double life a secret, after all, he is a loner and hardly mixes up with people, But things start to get difficult for him when one of his classmates starts to take interest in his life and interfere in his business.

The person we are talking about is Gyuri, a girl from a rich family- the type of rich who has everything Jisoo wants. Yet she is not content with her life and wants even more. She is a rebellious teen and hardly obeys her parents and when she finds out about Jisoo’s private life, she wants to be a part of his money-making scheme, even though she does not need any more wealth than what she already possesses. 

Extracurricular is centered around three high school students who start committing crimes to earn money and thus the unpredictable dangers they face as a result.

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Viewer Review

Just within a ten-episode of Korean drama series, Extracurricular became immensely popular.  It is dark and thrilling and does have some mature content. The character developments are absolutely beautiful. The casting and the acting skills of every actor have been highly appreciated by the media as well as the audience. It addresses a lot of sensitive issues in society and shows the dark side of the teenage years. Although it is all about some high schoolers, Extracurricular are nothing like other high school dramas which are generally mostly remedies ( romance plus comedy). Fans can not just wait for Extracurricular Season 2. People are just eager to have Extracurricular Season 2.

 Extracurricular Season 2

EXTRACURRICULAR SEASON 1 ending explained- a quick recap.

Extracurricular Season 1 ended with an open-ended climax. Just when Jisoo and Gyuri thought everything was over, Jisoo gets stabbed by a man, who believes he is the reason his life has been ruined. The only person Jisoo can think of for help at the moment is Gyuri. Coincidentally, Gyuri who was supposed to be in Sydney, Australia ends up in his house, and seeing the guy she loved lying bleeding from a stabbed wound, tries to save him. But there seemed to be no hope as the bleeding gets worse, even Gyuri almost gives up and is in all tears while Jisoo lies bleeding, trying to catch his breath with great difficulty. And that is when we see detective Hae-gyeong arriving at the scene to check up on him after receiving a tip. What was expected was for the detective to find them, or just find Jisoo alone, passed out or dead from the excessive bleeding. But instead, what we were shown was the sight of bloodstains everywhere on the staircase. So does that mean, Gyuri managed to escape with Jisoo?

The other question that arises is whether Minhee is alive or not. She was the only other person who knew about Jisoo’s secret, as she had been one of the girls who used to work for him, through his site, and she gets to know about him being the mastermind behind the whole site she had been a part of, towards the end of that show. She recorded a confession in an attempt to expose him, and Jisoo tried to destroy it. Thus a struggle between the two started which ended in Jisoo pushing her off the stairs. She is left to bleed to death and we see an ambulance arrive, but that is where the scene gets cut. So now, we are yet to know if she made it. And fans are dying to know these and get some more of this amazing Korean drama Extracurricular Season 2. Every suspense and answer would be revealed in Extracurricular Season 2.

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 Extracurricular Season 2

IS Extracurricular Season 2 GOING TO COME?

Given the ending of Extracurricular Season 1 and all the good responses it received, Extracurricular Season 2 should be made. However, as of now, no news regarding the planning for the production of Extracurricular Season 2 has been made by Netflix. But again, no news of cancellation has been provided as well so all we can do for now is wait a while longer, cause it is too early for us to conclude now, given a global pandemic has been affecting the television industry for almost a year now.

All the time we can see that writing Extracurricular has been available on Netflix for a week and has almost already been well accepted by K-Drama fans.

It is still early for Netflix to create a Constitution on the future of the series,  you can easily get this show but now it very typically takes the streaming service a month or longer which you can join longer for review.

K-Dramas is a very popular show on Netflix style is getting firmly home to still streaming service It is received while as long as the other K-Dramas have taken the time to declare his evil as a Love Alarm and Persona but we are looking forward to getting completely extracurricular that will be renewed soon as you can see.

So that fans desperately wait for the good news for Extracurricular Season 2 to be officially given to us, very soon. Until renewal is confirmed all we can do is speculate on the release of the Extracurricular Season 2. And as for now if you have not yet watched this thrilling drama, go ahead. Extracurricular Season 1 is up on Netflix and available for streaming. It is sure to keep you right on the edge of your seat throughout its 10 episodes.

Extracurricular Season 2: Netflix Expected Release Date

Until the renewal of Extracurricular Season, 2 is confirmed, we can only guess the release of Extracurricular Season 2. With that in mind, Extracurricular season 1 went into production in late spring or early summer, with filming ending on 6 August 2019. Considering that filming was to begin around the same time this year, we could see a possible 2023 release date. Extracurricular season 2 will likely be seen in 2023. This is just a possibility, nothing can be said for sure about this right now. Wait till then. We will update this section as soon as we get news about the release date of Extracurricular Season 2.

Extracurricular Season 2 will be released in 2023. No specific date has been announced yet.

Extracurricular is a webtoon by Kim Sehoon. It was published on Naver Webtoon in 2018 and is currently ongoing.

The story follows the life of Oh Ji Soo, a high school student who turns to a life of crime to make money. He is soon joined by his friends Jo Woongi and Ma Hwiyoung. Together, they embark on a life of crime that takes them all over Seoul.

Extracurricular has been praised for its gritty realism and engaging story. The webtoon has been adapted into a live-action drama, which aired on Netflix in

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